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Radio: the Medium Reaching 92% of Americans Weekly

Have you ever won­dered just how influ­en­tial radio is? Well, accord­ing to Nielsen’s Audio Today 2019 report, 92% of Amer­i­cans lis­ten to the radio every sin­gle week. That’s 272 mil­lion peo­ple over the age of six; a larg­er, stead­ier num­ber than TV, mobile, or dig­i­tal.

Political Campaigns Could Drive $10 Billion in Ad Spending in 2020

Now that we are almost halfway through 2019, ad indus­try experts are fine-tuning their pro­jec­tions for 2020. Bri­an Wieser, glob­al pres­i­dent of Busi­ness Intel­li­gence for GroupM, has long kept an eye on the adver­tis­ing mar­ket.

BIA: 60% of Home and Trade Services Businesses to Stay Steady on 2019 Advertising

Your local plumbers, elec­tri­cians and HVAC con­trac­tors tell researchers that they’re hap­py with the state of busi­ness this year. The boom­ing econ­o­my means that 60% of these busi­ness­es will not be spend­ing more on adver­tis­ing in 2019.

How to Use Ads to Target Smart Speaker Users

Did you know that there are 65 mil­lion Amer­i­cans who own over 130 mil­lion smart speak­er devices? Accord­ing to Search Engine Land, that’s 23% of all Amer­i­cans who are old­er than 12. And that num­ber has only been grow­ing annu­al­ly. With 223 mil­lion Amer­i­cans aware of smart speak­ers, it would seem that trend will con­tin­ue.

Millennial SMB Owners Believe in the Power of Traditional Ad Formats

If you’re pitch­ing tra­di­tion­al media for­mats to mil­len­ni­al small busi­ness own­ers, your job might be eas­i­er than you expect. Mil­len­ni­al busi­ness own­ers are com­mit­ted to adver­tis­ing their busi­ness­es to suc­ceed.

Move Over TV Ad Spending, Mobile is Here

We’ve watched mobile adver­tis­ing over­come desk­top and lap­top adver­tis­ing spend, but this year, it’s going after TV’s ad spend­ing.

How Your Clients Can Drive More Store Traffic With Radio

The new "Does Radio Dri­ve Store Traf­fic" study pub­lished Dial Report and the Radio Adver­tis­ing Bureau shows how retail­ers can dri­ve store traf­fic with radio ads. Here are the details.

How to Target the 96% of Hispanics Who Listen to the Radio

If your clients haven’t been tar­get­ing their His­pan­ic con­sumers via radio ads, it’s about time they learned how they can use this medi­um to reach near­ly all of this demo­graph­ic.

Cable TV to Score Bigger Piece of Political Ad Spending

Can­di­dates and polit­i­cal action com­mit­tees are buy­ing ad space to inform con­sumers and sway the vote. While online media for­mats may see the biggest increas­es in polit­i­cal ad spend­ing, cable TV oper­a­tors can expect to see their rev­enues increase from this activ­i­ty.

Here’s How Female Voter Segments React to Your Clients’ Ads

Statewide elec­tions are loom­ing on the hori­zon. Are your politically-based clients ready to adver­tise to their state’s vari­ety of female vot­er seg­ments?

Outdated Technology in Cars is a Deal Breaker for 88% of Consumers

Meto­va, a world lead­ing provider of mobile, con­nect­ed car, con­nect­ed home and IoT Solu­tions, today announced the results of a sur­vey reveal­ing the sen­ti­ment of con­sumers* regard­ing "the con­nect­ed car." Of note, over half of respon­dents own a car that con­nects to the inter­net, either direct or via phone, while two-thirds would switch to a dif­fer­ent enter­tain­ment ser­vice if that ser­vice is read­i­ly avail­able in their new vehi­cle.

Home Health Care Agencies Seek Advertising Help

As the U.S. pop­u­la­tion ages, con­sumers are look­ing for alter­na­tives to nurs­ing homes and retire­ment cen­ters. Hir­ing a home health care ser­vice allows con­sumers to age-in-place.

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