Author: Rachel Cagle

customer service

Digital or Human? Which Customer Service Method Rules?

Some clients insist on talking to a human, while others prefer digital service. How should you choose which option to offer?


New Tips for Top B-to-B Customer Service

The B-to-B sales channel is complicated enough. Don’t make it worse by trying to upsell your existing clients on too many options. Take the time to find out what they need.


Are You Committing These Customer Service Errors?

Are you always in reaction mode when something goes wrong with your key customer? That’s a big no-no. So is hiding behind an automated phone system.


How to Turn Around Your Customer Service Disaster

When disaster strikes, the faster you own up to the problem and try to fix it, the better chance you have of maintaining a solid customer relationship.


4 Tips to Maximize Customer Loyalty

In his article, “7 Trends in Customer Service Expectations,” Bob Lucas has listed what steps you should be taking to maximize loyalty.


Are You Using the Right Feedback Tools?

If you’re soliciting customer feedback only through online surveys, you’re not getting the whole picture. Read Nancy Porte’s advice on how to improve the feedback process and make sure you’re offering top notch service.


Use Special Occasions to Boost Client Loyalty

If you need new ways to strengthen customer loyalties, make the most of special occasions, like birthdays. Check out John Patterson’s other recommendations on how to show your care about your clients.

Pastry cook prepares a cake with cream and chocolate

What Does Customer Service Have to do with Cake?

If you think of customer service as a layered cake, you might just get to the bottom of what you need to do to ‘wow your clients.


Have You Overlooked This Most Important Part of Customer Service?

When’s the last time you thanked your clients for their business? This little social grace could be your ticket to an add-on sale.

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