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Are You Using the Right Feedback Tools?

If you’re soliciting customer feedback only through online surveys, you’re not getting the whole picture. Read Nancy Porte’s advice on how to improve the feedback process and make sure you’re offering top notch service.


Use Special Occasions to Boost Client Loyalty

If you need new ways to strengthen customer loyalties, make the most of special occasions, like birthdays. Check out John Patterson’s other recommendations on how to show your care about your clients.

Pastry cook prepares a cake with cream and chocolate

What Does Customer Service Have to do with Cake?

If you think of customer service as a layered cake, you might just get to the bottom of what you need to do to ‘wow your clients.


Have You Overlooked This Most Important Part of Customer Service?

When’s the last time you thanked your clients for their business? This little social grace could be your ticket to an add-on sale.


Are You Using the Right Customer Service Tools?

You might like using chatboxes to keep in touch with your customers. That doesn’t mean they appreciate that form of support. Read more from Vikas Agrawal about the best tools to use for customer service.


Reps: Are You Using Vulnerability to Boost Sales?

You don’t always have to come across as a confident, smooth-talking person to make the sales. In fact, showing your vulnerability can often get clients and prospects to open up. Jay Feitlinger explains how it’s done.


Is Your Customer Service Due For An Upgrade?

If you’re rushing to squelch yet another customer service-related firestorm, you might want to slow down and take care of the matter from top to bottom, ensuring history won’t repeat itself. That’s one key piece of advice from Vitality Verbenko. Here are a few more.


Tips to Transform Prospects into Long-Term Clients

If you don’t take care of your prospects and clients, your competitors will jump at the chance to steal them. Here’s how to keep that from happening.


How to Figure Out What a Prospect Really Wants

In his recently posted article, Mark Wayshak points out that your prospects’ questions should be your motivation to dig deeper and find out what else they need.

Rachel Cagle January 20, 2017 Sales Insights
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