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Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2017: Helping Small Businesses Compete with Big-Box and Online Giants

SalesFuel’s most recent AudienceSCAN survey found 23.7% of U.S. adults shopped at a locally owned business on Small Business Saturday. And although this percentage has been flat for the last two years, it’s still a big drop from 2014 – when 28.7% of Americans said they shopped small. Are small businesses doing enough to promote this holiday-shopping day? Could communities come together in bigger ways to cross-promote local business and present a united front? We at SalesFuel think the small business community is missing opportunities.

Learn more about how local businesses can take full advantage of this special shopping day.

SalesFuel shows how small businesses can take advantage of Small Business Saturday 2016 - AudienceSCAN report on Small Business Saturday Shoppers

New study helps small business defend against big retailer mini-stores, online shopping

SalesFuel’s Small Business Saturday free white paper offers new insights to help businesses prepare for Nov. 26 Small Business Saturday this year is November 26 and in advance of it, SalesFuel is releasing its free white paper “Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2016: Helping Small Businesses Compete with Big-Box and Online Giants.” In it, SalesFuel uses

Small Business Saturday More Lucrative Than Ever for Local Merchants

AudienceSCAN‰’s annual ‰Small Business Saturday Shoppers 2015‰ white paper clearly shows small and medium-sized businesses that planning for, and participating in, this national event can yield lucrative results. The paper contains fresh data from an annual survey of more than 14,000 consumers, revealing cutting-edge information in the hearts and minds of those most likely to be this year‰’s best customers.

66% of SMB Owners Worry about Finding New Customers

Small business owners cite personal challenges, including lack of time for themselves and for family and friends, in a new Constant Contact survey. Even in the face of these hardships, 84% would choose to do it all over again. The study reveals that SMBs enjoy being the boss but struggle to “do it all.”

SMBS Using Traditional Media for Small Business Saturday Promotions

Small businesses might feel like their opportunities are getting squeezed by online merchants and big-box retailers. SMBs could also be feeling extra pressure this year because of the shortened holiday shopping season. As a result, they’re rolling out more promotions and earlier than usual according to the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB) which has just released its Small Business Saturday Insights Survey. This year, researchers have learned that 70% of SMBs will engage in some sort of promotion to attract shoppers that day.

SMBs Seeking Help to Improve Their Websites

Yesterday, I blogged on the new Constant Contact survey that described how small businesses are struggling to find enough time to manage their marketing activities. A newly released Daily Deal Media Merchants Survey covers some of the same territory but it delves a little deeper into the challenges that SMBs face as they try to conquer digital marketing.

Franchising Organizations Seek Balance in National and Local Marketing

Franchisors have a vested interest in making sure their franchisees protect the value of the brand they have developed. The parent organization often dictates how franchises go about marketing, pricing their products and services, and buying supplies at the local level. While most parent organizations collect fees for regional or national branding campaigns, research shows that franchisees would like more independence to manage their local social media presence.

SMBs Putting More Money into Yelp

Earlier this year, Boston Consulting Group studied the digital marketing practices of small and medium size (SMBs). The analysts concluded that SMBs can generate significant revenue from their investment in Yelp. A new study from Nielsen shows that courting Yelp users and their reviews is a solid strategy for marketers.

SMBs Poised to Gear Up Their Digital Marketing Budgets

Small businesses, those with less than $1 million in annual revenue, are so focused on sales growth that they’ve lagged behind larger businesses when it comes to developing their digital marketing expertise. The State of Digital Marketing for SMBs, by Vocus, finds that SMBs have conquered a few digital marketing tools. However, the leaders are learning that expertise in custom content, paid search, social, and mobile will help them stay ahead of the competition.

Small Businesses to Focus on Email List Growth

Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) don’t always have the flexibility to spend as much as they’d like on marketing. This fiscal reality makes less expensive forms of marketing more important for SMBs. One particularly effective format for SMBs, email, remains a top channel for increasing sales, as long as these enterprises are diligent about building their email lists.

Rising Small Business Optimism to Lead to Increased Marketing

One of the best indicators of economic expansion is the mood of small and medium-size business (SMBs) owners. After a long period of slow growth, more SMBs are giving a thumbs-up to this year’s business conditions. As these enterprises roll out new products and increase hiring, they’ll also be spending more on marketing.

SMBs to Review Their Local Search and Directory Listings

Local online search activity is set to explode in the next few years. This is especially true of the mobile search market as consumers turn more frequently to their devices to obtain information about local businesses. Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) should be taking steps now to optimize their presence for local search and directory listings.

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