Author: Rachel Cagle

Top Tips to Help You Leave Your Comfort Zone

Heather Baldwin is a believer that risks are giant steps forward and uses The Usheroff Institute’s tips for smart risk-taking to support her stance in, “How to Take Smart Risks and Win Sales.”

How to Ace Customer Service During a Crisis

Instead of viewing customer service issues as problems and beating ourselves up about them, we need to see them as what they truly are: opportunities.

What Prospects Think When You Won't Stop Talking

When you talk a lot during your sales pitch, you give your potential clients less time to ask questions and respond themselves. The sale is about their needs, but when you take up the allotted time by talking, you appear to be vying for the spotlight instead.

How to Use Social Media to Turn Around Customer Service Problems

You know how people rant about their negative experiences on social media to feel validated by others? You can be one of those people helping to turn around the negative situation.

Are You Bringing Your A‑Game to Your Sales Calls?

Your body language helps your prospects gauge who you are as a person before you even get deep into conversation. Mirroring body language, along with carefully preparing what you say and how you say it, can increase your changes of connecting with a prospect.

Is Your Customer Service Customer-Centric?

Your clients are the make or break of your company and their opinion of your service is critical to your business' future.

Does Your Outreach Truly Benefit Clients?

If your outreach doesn’t clearly benefit your clients, why on earth would they take the precious time needed to respond?

Are You Treating Your Clients As Individuals?

We need to keep in mind that our customers are individuals. They may start off as a random name and number on a spreadsheet of prospects, but once they’re our clients, it’s personal.

Do Your Clients Trust You?

In order to inspire client loyalty, you have to first gain their trust. Here are a few tips on how to do so with the help of James Alexander and his article, “Brilliant CX: Compressing the Cycle Time of Trust.”

Do Your Customer Survey Emails Contain the Right Call to Action?

Your clients might be tempted to delete your customer service emails — unless you give them a good reason to click and read.

67% of B2B Execs Believe Customer Service Makes the Sale

The quality of your customer service has never been more important than it is right now.

The Customer Service Strengths That Lead to Retention

With help from the article, “10 Must-Have Customer Service Skills (and how to identify them),” by Vitaliy Verbenko, here are some traits you need to have if you want your service to reach client retention status.

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