Mechanics to Attract New Customers Through Payment Plans

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Payment plans for automotive repairs turn new customers into repeat customers, reports Modern Tire Dealer. 'It’s something you want to offer your clients when they don’t have the money,' says Jenny Moran, who handles the auto service payment plans for Mac Wheels and Tires LLC in Salt Lake City, Utah."

"Ryan Slobodian, Vice President of Snap Finance LLC, says a payment option that breaks the cost of an auto repair into smaller amounts may lead to higher tickets as the consumer has more cash to move from crisis management to proactively servicing their vehicle."

"Slobodian notes that an installment loan option engages a whole new consumer market, bringing them into a store where they have a good experience."

'Their loyalty is going to stay with that store because it offers a finance product that works for them,' says Slobodian."

"About a third of American consumers do not qualify for traditional financing based on their FICO scores, according to Slobodian. 'In order to effectively serve 35% of people in their tire stores, tire dealers need a tertiary or additional finance option that serves people with credit challenges.'”

"Window or street signage with no-​credit-​needed messaging draws credit-​challenged consumers into a tire store. 'These are payment buyers. They are focused on the payment and how much it will cost them per paycheck,' says Slobodian."

"Moran suggests dealers who are looking for a way to boost service and tire sales to consider offering their customers a way to finance auto repairs. 'It will get you more customers because you are giving them an option to finance a repair if they don’t have the money. It’s cool because they get approved based off their bank account, not a credit check.'”

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