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5 Steps to Achieving Goals

The past year has been full of changes. There have been new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.

Manage Smarter 110: 2020 Tax Tips for Entrepreneurs and Side Hustles

Rachel Michaelov is Founder & CEO of Empire Tax Professionals and is a licensed Enrolled Agent, who is licensed by the IRS. In this episode, we discuss: Her heartbreaking family story involving her father, taxes and deportation pushed her to create her business; Important tax tips for businesses given the law changes for 2020; More efficient ways to keep your business books straight for an audit; How she balances being a mother to 4 boys and entrepreneurship.

Do Your Sales Reps Complain When You Ask For Help?

When you moved into a leadership position, did you promise yourself that you’d never ask your team members to help you do your job? After all, sales reps complain about their managers all the time.

2 Tips to Improve Your Management Effectiveness

We’re approaching that time of year again. Before long, you’ll be submitting 2020 goals for your department.

Are Your Salespeople Suffering From The Seven-Year Itch?

In the rom com classic movie, The Seven-Year Itch, featuring Marilyn Monroe, the lead character has grown a bit tired of his marriage. Do you have long-term salespeople in your organization?

How to Motivate Employees Without Falling into the “Blurry Vision Bias” Trap

The first step in leading the organization to success is to communicate your vision to your employees. You’ll need to communicate clearly, and avoid “blurry vision bias,” if you want to make the biggest impact.

How to Lead Ideation Sessions for Results

Are you looking for a way to get your team excited about your department’s goals for the next quarter or the next year?

Here’s Why Your Dream Team Is Failing

You’ve done it! You’ve finally hired the last person who will complete the dream team you’ve been trying to assemble.

Manage Smarter 74: How to Reach the C‑Suite Sooner

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro is the CEO and owner of Hawthorne Advertising. an award-winning technology-based advertising agency specializing in analytics and accountable brand campaigns. In this episode, we discuss: How she rose from the mail room of a talent agency to the C‑Suite; the #1 mistake managers make regarding goal setting and planning; the hottest trends in advertising and digital marketing; and advice to young professional women aspiring to be in the C‑Suite

Does Your Goal-Setting Process Foster Accountability and Trust?

Too many managers treat goal setting as a one-and-done task. If that’s how you’re establishing expectations for your sales reps, you could be in for major disappointment as the year progresses.

Manage Smarter 61: Learning from Past Management Mistakes

Tabitha Laser is an accomplished professional with an extensive background in organizational culture in companies such as BP, 3M, and CH2Mis and others. Her upcoming book, Organization Culture Killers, addresses how to build a path that tomorrow’s leaders can follow in order to avoid the mistakes of their predecessors. In this episode, we discuss how to build a path tomorrow’s leaders can use to avoid mistakes of predecessors and how managers should analyze what happened prior to taking over.

How To Raise Team Performance After You Hire That Rock Star

If you want to do your company a favor, start interviewing people who are more talented than you. “Hire people that might be a threat to you because it will raise everybody’s game.”

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