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How and Where to Restart Advertising

As our economy continues to gradually reopen, your clients may need advice on how and where to start advertising again. They may have pulled back on advertising completely during the last two months.

Content Creation

Companies are Struggling with Content Creation

Content creation has been key when crafting messages to target audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses need to get their messages across clearly while both standing out from their competition and personalizing their content to their target customers.


How to Lead Through Extended COVID-19 Business Disruption

As we prepare for continued COVID-19 business disruption, it’s likely that the sales department has been the most seriously impacted in most organizations. Instead of relying on established personal relationships, sales reps need coaching on new ways to build trust with prospects.


How OOH Advertising Can Influence Consumers in New Ways

Out-of-home advertising is likely to influence consumers in new ways this year. The OOH ad market had its moment in the sun last year, with a 7% revenue increase over the previous year.


The Coronavirus Outbreak Has Impacted Sponsorships

The coronavirus outbreak resulted in the shutdown of events and impacted sponsorships in a big way. Activities like major league games, concert and parades generate significant sponsorship revenue for some of your clients.


How TV Sellers Can Take Advantage of Two Recovery Tracks

Are you ready to sell in what might shape up to be two recovery tracks? We’re all wondering what the economic rebound will be like.


How to Target Shoppers in the New Normal

Even as we worry about when the economy will recover, your clients are wondering how to target shoppers in the new normal? We all want to know how deep the economic damage will be, but your clients can limit the impact by crafting the right kind of promotions once they reopen.

signs of life

Search Advertising is Showing Signs of Life

The ad market, especially the paid search and SEO formats, is showing signs of life. Many of your clients may believe they’re experiencing the worst business market in decades.

Sales Objection

Overcoming a Common COVID-19 Sales Objection

There’s a sales objection that was common even before COVID-19 reared its ugly head: “Now’s not a good time.” You’re probably hearing that now more than ever from your prospects, right?

Media Sales

How to Land Media Sales During a Pandemic

There’s no use in sugarcoating it: These are dark times for landing media sales. With sporting events being canceled and businesses either closing or reducing their spending until the quarantine does its work in eradicating the COVID-19 outbreak, the advertising market is more competitive than ever.


The Light at the End of the COVID-19 Tunnel

Watching and reading too much news can make us think there is no light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel. Unemployment could reach Depression-era levels.


How Much Will Buyers Cut Back on Media Spending?

Estimating how much your clients plan to cut back on media spending is a continuing challenge as the COVID-19 crisis drags on. The IAB has just released new data in its Coronoavirus Ad Spend Impact report that sheds some light on what you can expect.

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