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Sales managers who provide real-​time, deal-​specific coaching grow revenue at nearly twice the rate of non-​adopters and have a 14% shorter average sales cycle [The Aberdeen Group, 2014–2015].

SalesFuel produces customized, cloud-​based apps that guide your sales team through your sales process for every account. SalesFuel apps not only include the complete SalesFuel intelligence stack, but also can integrate other data sources you rely on regularly.

SalesFuel can also integrate cloud-​based thematic mapping for added impact to sales presentations and proposals.

Vertical categories available include: healthcare+wellness, automotive, education, retail, media/​agencies and technology.

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Why buy expensive, outdated leads from a list broker? SalesFuel's Smart Prospects come from the most updated source — the Internet. Then we score each one using our proprietary model that's customized for your line of business with reputation score, social media and more.

SalesFuel’s customized SWOT analysis for your vertical market is populated by an industry-​specific questionnaire that can be completed by the client online or on a salesperson’s tablet.

SalesFuel can also integrate K Group Momentum analytics to provide account prioritization, engagement strategies and minimum ask thresholds. These proprietary algorithms provide sales reps with relevant and powerful account-​specific revenue trending, alerts on growth accounts as well as those in danger of shrinking or potentially going away.

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