Advertisers Can Target Moms by Incorporating Key Drivers into Marketing Message

Mothers continue to be a key consumer base spending $2 trillion each year, yet companies can attract their purchasing dollars by offering more than just the lowest price, says C&R Research's Mary Mcllrath. "Making the so-​called ‘mom connection' requires marketers to break through the noise that is generated by competitive messages from mommy blogs, Facebook groups, and texting." She recommends marketers incorporate four key drivers that tap into moms' viewpoints and behaviors: 

The ability to teach. 

Products should demonstrate mom's values to her children and show how to make smart consumer choices. For example, a mom may shop at a store that donates to local schools so her children see one way a company can give back to its local community.

Encourage bonding. 

Products enable mom to spend time with her children. Examples include family-​friendly videogames or a text-​enabled cell phone that let everyone stay in touch.

Make her life easier. 

Mom as CEO is balancing many things at once, so Mcllrath  recommends products either broadcast or develop ways to save her time or money. For instance, those 100-​calorie packs enable moms to make sure her kids aren't overeating, yet save her time by not forcing her to repackage food into smaller containers.

Show appreciation.

Although Mother's Day is one day when moms hear thanks, the other 364 days are often spent dutifully working without a shred of appreciation, says Mcllrath. She recommends companies either incorporate messages or images that convey "thanks" or opportunities for her to receive thanks from her family. "Moms generally enjoy providing things that please their children and give her ‘street cred' among other moms," she says. For instance, meals that satisfy every family member by allowing for customization bring appreciation.

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