Marketers Should Use Multiple Touchpoints to Engage Gen Xers

Generation X is the first generation to come of age with PCs and the internet, and as such, is a transitional generation. Gen X spans the age of traditional media as well as new digital technologies: from cassette tapes to iTunes, VCRs to DVRs, Polaroids to digital cameras, and answering machines to voicemail.  For marketers, that means that while these 34- to 45-​year-​old consumers are heavy users of digital tools, they also watch more TV than any other age segment. 

According to a new report by eMarketer report, Gen Xers are as comfortable with digital as with traditional media. “To effectively engage with Gen X, brands need a strategy that incorporates multiple channels—including mobile, social and online video—with authentic, relevant messaging,” the report notes.


While no brand should leave TV out of the media mix when targeting these consumers, who are in the prime of their earning and spending potential, a brand would also be wise to include online video.

Gen X constitutes the largest online video audience. eMarketer forecasts that 74.2.% of Gen X internet users will watch online video at least monthly in 2011, and that percentage is expected to grow to 80% by 2015.

Most Gen Xers are online. eMarketer estimates that 88% of the segment are web users in 2011, and that number is expected to increase to 90.9% by 2015. They are slightly more likely than the general population to visit online retail sites and significantly more likely to visit mobile retail sites, according to comScore.

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