6 Steps to Writing Cold Emails That Get Opened

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sending cold emails can be an effective way to boost interest in your product or service, but if your message isn’t immediately appealing or its content is lacking, your efforts will be wasted. If you’re looking to bump up the open and response rates of your sales emails, SalesEngine​.com shares a six-​step process that can guide you through the process of crafting an intriguing email that prospects won’t be able to resist reading. Below are the first couple of steps:

Step 1: Craft a “perfect key” subject line.

Think of subject lines as unique keys that will only open the right door. If your subject line isn’t crafted perfectly for your recipient, it’s likely he or she won’t even bother to open and read. Unlock the recipient’s interest by tailoring the subject line to reveal how the content inside the email is valuable to his or her business.

Step 2: Use the intro to draw readers in.

Once the recipient has opened the email, the intro is your next focus. It’s important because it plays a vital role in keeping the prospect reading. “Start with a reference to their work and draw them with relevant context to your value proposition,” the article suggests. “Make your prospect the main character in the story. Next, find a link between your product or service and their business needs.” This immediate personalization will be appealing, and set your email apart from other generic, one-​size-​fits-​all emails.

Step 3: Write a value proposition that truly demonstrates value.

Once you’ve hooked the reader, now is the time to sell your stuff. The tricky part of this step is to not come across as too sales pitch‑y. The article suggests focusing on actually showing value, which you can do by writing about the actual benefits the prospect can expect and showing how your product or service has specifically helped similar companies.

After reading the other steps, consider trying them out for your next cold email. By personalizing sales emails and showing unique value to each recipient, you’ll likely see your open rates, and replies, increase.