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Protect Your Agency While Keeping Clients Happy

Is your agency experiencing the so-called "necessary paranoia" that is raging through the industry?

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Keep Quiet, Ask Questions to Woo Prospects

In a recent survey of buyers of professional services, RainToday​.com found that listening skills were considered to be lacking among service providers when it comes to the sales pitch.

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One Question To Pose to Prospects

When speaking with prospects, do you have a go-question that always manages to get valuable information? If not, maybe you can borrow from Stone Payton, a sales consultant who, on a recent blog post, shared what he calls "one of the most powerful, productive questions" a salesperson can ask.

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Start Presentations With the Right Slide

Traditionally, presentations begin with a title slide, but communications consultant John Windsor thinks it's time to change that.

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Dig A Little Deeper

Do your client relationships need a boost? Consultant Mike Hunter has an easy strategy to add more depth to your relationships, and it's one that can be put into action right away.

Myth or Matter of Fact?

Every industry has its myths about what it takes to be successful, and sales are no different. President of Stevens Consulting Group Drew Stevens reveals what he believes to be major sales myths on his blog.

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Boast to Boost Visibility

C.J. Hayden, author of Get Clients Now!, believes that there is nothing wrong with a little self-promotion every now and then.

Should Agencies Shoulder the Blame?

Industry professionals are criticizing the results from a recent Harris Interactive poll. The poll found that 66% of Americans say ad agencies bear some of the blame for the recent economic turmoil.

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Are These On Your Bookshelf?

Over at The Sales Blog, there is a list of the "Five Books Every B2B Sales Rep Must Read." Blog author S. Anthony Iannarino gives his own personal list of what he feels is vital literature for the industry.

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A Metaphor To Make You Think

LEADSExplorer, a blog devoted to online lead generation, recently posted a little metaphor that made me smile.

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Four Steps to A Sale

If you had to separate the sales process into four steps, how would it look?

Time to Play "15 Questions"

Part of excellent customer service is keeping on top of your what's going on with your clients and their business. But, sometimes conversations can stall or you just can't seem to get enough information out of them.

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