3 Tips for Training to Improve Sales Performance

BY Rachel Cagle
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How do you feel about your sales performance? Are you consistently meeting your monthly sales quotas set by either you or your manager? How about exceeding those quotas? How often does that happen? No matter what you answers to those questions are, training to improve sales performance is always an important part of a sales rep's career. Here are a few methods suggested by Dan Tyre, writing for HubSpot to improve.

3 Tips for Training to Improve Sales Performance

Prioritize Organization

Juggling a few prospective customers at once is one thing. But remember that you also have other responsibilities that you need to be addressing. If you do not have certain times during the week set aside to complete your other work, it is not likely to get done before the very last minute when you are in a frenzy. That can negatively impact prospects you are trying to close, as well as your own mental and physical health. Training to improve sales performance means that you need to make sure that you organize your week. You must allocate enough time to get all of your work done or your sales performance will suffer greatly.

Set Your Goal Above Quota

When you set your monthly sales goals for yourself, set your sales goal to above what your quota is. Most sales reps are aiming to go above and beyond with their sales performance anyway. If you keep a higher goal in mind, it gives you more wiggle room to make sure that your minimum quota is reached on time. Additionally, “Defining what you would like to achieve, how you would like to achieve it, and then sharing this information with your managers and team members can help keep you accountable,” says Tyre.

Schedule Coaching

An outside perspective is invaluable to sales reps. No matter how long you’ve been in sales, there is always something to learn and there are parts of your sales strategy that could use improvement. You will probably have trouble identifying them yourself. So, training to improve sales performance often means that you should seek out sales coaching to help improve your sales performance more than you thought possible. Sales coaching platforms can help you and your manager keep on schedule with your progress and communication.