Are You Bringing Your A‑Game to Your Sales Calls?

BY Rachel Cagle
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The key to landing a good sale is to be as prepared as possible for it. Here are a few things you can review before each of your sales calls so that you can make sure you bring your a‑game, with inspiration from, “Sales Skills for Non-​Salespeople.”

  1. Understand Their Needs

It’s extremely difficult to sell someone something they don’t need, so why bother? Why not take the easier path by doing your research and pitching them a sale for something that could improve their work life? You need to know what your client’s goals, needs, and wants are before you go in to make your sale. Only then can you be fully prepared to make your best pitch possible.

  1. Prepare Your Voice

Chances are, you talk to nearly everyone in your life somewhat differently. You’re a bit more formal at work than you are around your friends, and you probably talk to your parents with more respect than your siblings. It’s the same in sales. You can’t use a lot of technical jargon with clients who don’t have a background in technology, and you probably don’t want to use slang with an older client. Find out exactly who you’ll be speaking to and prepare to address them as such.

  1. Fully Explain Your Product/​Service

It’s one thing to tell your prospective customers all the fantastic features of the product or service you’re trying to sell. Having them connect the dots of how exactly those features benefit them is another thing entirely. While you’re listing off the features of your product/​service, make sure you’re explaining exactly why they are so awesome by providing examples of how they will benefit the customer.

  1. Practice Your Body Language

Your body language helps your customers gauge who you are as a person before you even get deep into conversation. Slightly mirroring your customer’s body language is said to help who you’re speaking with relax more because they interpret it as a similarity between the two of you. You don’t want to move around in your seat too much or have shifty eyes because that will make you seem uncomfortable or, worse, like you have something to hide. Show your confidence and openness in everything, from your  body language to the way you speak.