Don’t Give Up on Paid Ads on Social Media

BY Rachel Cagle
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Are increased privacy initiatives on social media platforms making your client consider slowing their paid ads on social media spending? You should encourage them to think again. According to research from Mediaocean, brands that slow their social media ad spend could fall behind their competition.

Don’t Give Up on Paid Ads on Social Media

2023 Media Ad Spending

There aren’t all that many marketers who plan on decreasing their paid ads on social media spend in 2023. In fact, it’s the top channel that marketers will increase their ad spending on, according to Mediaocean. The media channels that marketers see as top candidates for more ad spending in 2023 include:

  • Social
  • Digital Display and Video
  • Search
  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • E‑Commerce

In fact, a significant number of marketers expect to ramp up social ad spending by over 25% in 2023.

And, just for fun, here are the channels that the fewest number of marketers plan on increasing their ad spending for this year:

  • Print
  • Local TV
  • National TV
  • Radio and Audio
  • Out-​of-​Home and Digital Out-of-Home

Why Social?

So, why are brands still so excited about allocating their ad spending to social media? It’s because paid ads on social media have the potential to be so creative. Consumers get bored seeing the same types of ads over and over again. What they pay attention to are the ones that stand out. Overall, marketers say that the biggest opportunities social media platforms offer them are:

  • Better creative and production tools: 49% of marketers agree
  • Better ad performance: 40%
  • Resolving social identity across platforms: 40%
  • The time savings automation provides: 32%
  • Cost savings: 25%

Social Trends to Take Advantage of

To make paid ads on social media as effective as possible, you and your client have to keep an eye on trends. Here are a few trends that Mediaocean recommends taking advantage of.

Social Video

According to data from Advertiser Perceptions, highlighted in a previous SalesFuel blog, “50% of marketers state video is better than other formats when it comes to helping them meet key performance objectives.” Video is a great way to get your client’s message to existing and potential customers because it saves consumers effort. Instead of reading a message, which fewer people are doing with the digital fatigue they’re feeling, they just have to watch and listen to a short video to learn and, hopefully, be entertained by. Just remember to keep them short (15-​second ads are the sweet spot).

If you want to post your client’s video ads on a social platform where you know consumers are in the mood to watch videos, try TikTok. Consumers of all generations are active on TikTok now. Also, the app is full of resources that make it easy for brands to be creative with their video ads. And remember that “TikTok made me buy it” is a very real trend that reaches beyond the app itself.

Social Commerce

Another of the customer trends Mediaocean recommends paying attention to is the fact that e‑commerce is everywhere. Paid ads on social media can help lead consumers to your client’s social commerce pages to boost sales. According to data from Talkmaster, highlighted in a previous SalesFuel blog, “2 billion people purchased on social platforms last year and this is growing 3x faster than traditional eCommerce.” Talk about paid social ad ROI!

Which Platforms Should Your Client Advertise on?

Not sure which social media platforms would be the best fit when planning your paid ads on social media strategy? AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel has you covered. Just look up your client’s target audience’s profile and you’ll see which platforms they’re most active on and what percentage took action after seeing ads on social media within the last year.

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