The Best Way to Advertise Lawn Care Products

BY Rachel Cagle
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It's springtime again and spring means mowing chores are upon us again, but many Americans are lacking the equipment they need to get the job done. What's the best way to advertise lawn care products? First, Americans need to know what exactly it is that they need to buy.

"If you have an electric mower, there's nothing to do beyond sharpening the blade and charging the battery (or batteries). A gas mower, particularly one that wasn't winterized, will need a bit of TLC before its first run of the season," says Consumer Reports.

There are many parts of their lawnmowers consumers have to check before they can safely run their machines, including the oil, fuel level, blade sharpness, spark plugs and filters. Some of this equipment may be fine, but repair or replacements may also need to be done before the lawnmower can get up and running.

What's the Best Way to Advertise Lawn Care Products?

Many Yard Care+Landscaping Enthusiasts don’t want to maintain their mowers come springtime. So, the best way to advertise lawn care products, in come cases, may be highlighting lawn services instead. Outdoor power equipment retailers can offer to sharpen the blades and replace fluids before the grass needs to be cut. These consumers are 107% more likely than others to say that home and garden is their favorite section of newspapers and magazines to read, according to AudienceSCAN.

When it comes to marketing the products themselves, the best way to advertise lawn care products to these consumers last year includes a mix of direct mail ads, TV commercials and sponsored search results.

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