Highlighting Value Will Set You Apart; Here's How To Do It

BY Jessica Helinski
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Salespeople can often intuitively discern what prospects want and need. But that intuition can only go so far; at some point, you need to find out specifically what they value. Only by showing value can you truly get to the root of what each customer is seeking. In the crowded marketplace of wedding vendors, this is particularly true. To ultimately win a couple’s business, vendors must not only meet needs, but also highlight how they are providing value. 

The following are a few tips on how to do that, courtesy of BookMoreBrides​.com:

Ask questions

This may seem like an obvious to-​do, but often, vendors end up doing most of the talking, trying to sell their product or service. Also, they may rely on their own intuition of what a prospective customer wants. Instead, ask as many questions as needed to uncover what they actually value. Some example questions are:

  • What have you seen/​heard that you liked/didn’t like?
  • What experience do you want your guests to have?
  • What three words would you like to describe your wedding?
  • What is most important to you about your wedding? 

Make sure to actually listen to the responses, take notes and ask for clarification if needed. This step may take a while because couples may not have an answer for each question. This is where your expertise and guidance can come in (which adds even more value). 

Show rather than tell

If you haven’t already, start collecting testimonials and reviews. Then, share, share, share. Post them on your social network profiles and showcase them on marketing materials. “Displaying these reviews and other forms of social proof all over the place helps you to communicate your value, without you having to do it yourself,” the article explains. Try to get varied testimonials, and encourage past customers to be as specific as possible. Showing the value of what you provide can be so much more impactful than simply telling. 

These are only two suggestions from the article, and like these, the others are just as easy to implement. Whether selling photography services or bridal gowns, switching the focus of your selling to value, you create a deeper connection with potential customers. The value you present, along with the features and benefits you offer, will help you win the business over competitors.