How to be Good at Content Marketing

How to be Good at Content Marketing

We all know that content marketing is important. The problem we face is figuring out how to be good at content marketing. Specifically, business-​to-​business (B2B) content marketing. With the help of a study from the Content Marketing Institute, here are a few tips to prepare your client for greatness in 2023.

How to be Good at Content Marketing

Now is the Time to Offer Content Marketing

First off, let’s assure your B2B client that learning how to be good at content marketing is worth their time and money. Along with providing content that educates current and potential customers, this strategy also helps companies be found during a wider array of online searches. Not only will consumers be able to find your client’s business in standard search results for, say, “deck builders near me,” content can also answer common questions these types of consumers may commonly ask search engines, such as, “How to stain a deck.” This content will land your client on more search results pages and gives them to opportunity to appeal to niche customers.

Not only that, according to the Content Marketing Institute, 20% of B2B marketers don’t have a content marketing strategy, but plan to create one within the next year. And, of the B2B marketers who plan on investing in content marketing in 2023, many intend to outsource tasks, including:

  • Production (includes writers, designers, photographers, videographers, etc.): 47%
  • Content Marketers (those who will create and manage the program itself in order to attract an audience): 25%
  • Content Strategists (those who will set the standards and guidelines, as well as manage content as a business asset): 16%

This is your chance. Not many companies know how to be good at content marketing by themselves, so they’ll be looking for help. Your help.

Create Different Content Than the Client’s Competitors

Now, if you don’t know how to be good at content marketing, here are some tips for you. The first is to ensure that your client’s content marketing differs from the competition. Some of the best ways to do so, according to the Content Marketing Institute, are:

  • Producing Better Quality Content (83%): Sometimes, businesses produce only short-​form content for the purpose of keyword stuffing with a barely passing answer to an important industry question. That’s not good enough for consumers. They want a full answer backed by research and/​or experience. If you’re going to produce content that answers a question, showcases a client’s experience, etc., commit to it. The devil’s in the details; add them.
  • Cover Topics that Competitors Aren’t Covering (72%): The best way to rank well in search results is to have as little competition as possible. Are there questions your client’s target audience may be asking or info they may want to know more about that your client’s competitors haven’t covered yet? Here’s their chance to be the industry expert!
  • Promoting Published Content (50%): Why wait for current and potential customers to search for your client’s keywords on a search platform? Promote your client’s new content via social, influencers they partner with, submit it to industry publications, email them, whatever. Just get the word out so people will read or watch it
  • Use Formats the Competition Isn’t Using (38%): People tend to think that content marketing is all about blogs and white papers. That’s not the case. According to a recent SalesFuel blog based on Ascend 2 research, effective content marketing also includes emails, videos, livestreams, polls, quizzes, infographics, calculators and measuring tools, games, and more. Don’t let your client’s strategy be limited by industry norms.

What Types of Content are B2B Marketers Creating?

Sometimes, the answer to how to be good at content marketing comes from observing others. So, according to the Content Marketing Institute, here are the top assets B2B marketers have been using within the last year:

  • Articles and Posts Under 1,500 Words: 89%
  • Videos: 75%
  • Case Studies: 67%
  • Virtual Events and Online Courses: 62%
  • Infographics, Charts, Data Viz and 3D Models: 61%
  • Articles and Posts Over 1,500 Words: 61%
  • E‑Books and White Papers: 59%

It’s always a good idea to go along with the tried-​and-​true assets, but don’t forget about standing out from the competition. Try branching out for an omnichannel approach, as well. But make sure the media formats you choose are effective for your client's target audience.

Assets with the Best Results in 2022

Learning from the past is also a great way to improve product marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, here are the best performing B2B content assets of 2022:

  • In-​Person Events: 48% of B2B marketers agree
  • Virtual Events, Webinars and Online Courses: 47%
  • Research Reports: 46%
  • E‑Books and White Papers: 43%
  • Articles and Posts Under 1,500 Words: 39%

Looks like people are still undecided about the social distancing practices of the past few years. They may want to see people either in person or online. To cover all the bases, your clients should invest in a variety of assets.

What Types of Content Marketing Should Your Client Use?

Of course, how to be good at content marketing requires a different strategy for each company. To figure out which asset types media your client should be using, check out their target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.

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Rachel Cagle

Rachel Cagle

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