How to Increase Sales Volume

BY Tim Londergan
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Great sellers are always hunting for new ways to streamline daily tasks and close more sales. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to find tools that have a shallow learning curve, are intuitive and affordable in both time and money. Among the sales professional’s most time consuming, yet critical, tasks is email marketing. Communicating personalized specifics with confidence and identity to a prime prospect is essential to increase sales volume. So how can you easily adopt a messaging method that makes the most of your network and rewards your efforts?

Increase sales volume with LinkedIn messaging

It’s time to take full advantage of your LinkedIn professional network. That’s the underlying signal from Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner who provides a “how to” on this very topic. Helpfully, Stelzner reminds us of the power of LinkedIn’s built-​in messaging inbox. Fortunately, this practice does not require a change in mindset but an investment in their Sales Navigator add-​on. For less than $3 per day you receive extra search data, greater targeting capabilities and the ability to track sales activity to your CRM. Obviously, when you have qualified leads, a known prospect and an invitation to pitch your business, you will increase sales volume.

A cultivated and refined sales pitch

Stelzner cautions that this practice is far from an impersonal spam strategy that has a questionable conversion rate. “We’re talking about a different approach: messaging real people and treating each one like a real person. This value-​driven human approach can earn you a conversion rate that’s closer to 40%.” But first, according to Stelzner, you need to make a few assurances:

  • Prequalify your sales prospects”
  • Get permission to pitch”
  • Demonstrate expertise and value”
  • Speak with your real voice”

Simply stated, LinkedIn is a unique work platform with users who deserve respect and should be treated as revered colleagues.

Stelzner continues with tips on creating a messaging script that covers the basics listed above. Crucially, any increase in sales volume only comes with the discipline to follow up. Refer to Stelzner’s article as he offers sample scripts and suggestions for crafting your continuing communication.

Set the stage for persistent follow-up

Within your initial pitch you may want to make clear your intention to follow up, persistently. Brian Hicks, writing for Sales Hacker urges sellers to set the expectations with the prospect that you will keep the process moving to maintain the timeline. Hicks says an AE’s maximum capacity is around 50 opportunities per month. Obviously, things can get out of hand if they aren’t managed properly. Therefore, he suggests a method to systematize your follow-​up process.

  • Track your follow-​ups with details of the discussion, any promised material provided and clear next steps.
  • Create in advance any templates that help you prioritize the next step for this prospect and include associated future tasks.

As a cautionary note, Hicks warns to never rush someone who doesn’t have urgency yet to keep in touch to maintain momentum. Initially, this sounds contradictory. However, to increase sales volume you need to walk the fine line of cordial relationships.

Maintain your reputation on LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn can be one of the most rewarding social media activities. As written before, merely updating your profile can boost your credibility. However, the proper etiquette for LinkedIn is simple: Do not send your connections any unwanted sales communications or irrelevant links. Freelancer, George Wakerley posted on Digital Drum “Six kinds of LinkedIn messages you should never send” and he explains why this is critical to your reputation.

If you intend to increase sales volume in the coming months and you want to maintain credibility, LinkedIn is one of the most productive and available tools to help you do so.

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