Keeping the 71% of Clients Who Are Ready for Change

BY Rachel Cagle
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Did you know that, according to Gallup research, 71% of B‑to‑B customers are prepared to change
the vendors they do business with? This attitude easily could be caused by the feeling that they are not as important to their existing media sales representatives as potential clients are. To avoid having your clients walk out the door, you should revamp the way you do business with them. Alex Clarke offers helpful advice for retaining your clients in his article, “Five tips for B2B customer retention:"

1. Get Them Involved

All too often, sales teams expect their clients to remain content with the same services that won them over. Often, this is not the case for business owners. Your clients’ businesses and needs are constantly changing, just like yours, and those needs should be brought to light and acted upon. What’s the best way to find out how you can improve what you offer to your clients? Ask them. Engage them in discussions on how to achieve their current goals and help them develop a plan to get there.

2. Two Birds with One Stone

Encouraging your loyal clients to have an active voice concerning your relationship on social media, their web pages and at speaking events can be an easy method to ensure they know their opinion means a lot to you. By showing that their feedback is important to you, you’re also proving you’re invested in maintaining a good and proactive relationship with them. Keeping your current clients engaged is a great way to not only maintain a good business relationship with them, but also to encourage potential clients to take a closer look at your successes.

3. Action

Listening to your customers will always lead to better business relationships, but keeping your client’s business is another matter entirely. If you listen but don’t act on your client’s feedback, why would they continue to do business with you? Be proactive in improving what you can offer your clients and they will be less likely to go looking for that quality in another sales team.