Do You Know When to Deliver Your Close Question?

Do you have a “flawlessly amazing” closing question? That’s the question in a recent SalesPOP! article. When it comes time to close, a go-​to closing question can be a valuable asset for a salesperson. As Jeff Shore writes, “…you must be ready to ask that closing question without any hesitation….you must know exactly what you are going to say and exactly how you are going to say it.” He goes on to share how to develop, perfect, and deliver an effective closing question that you can deliver instantly and confidently.

The first step in his strategy is to create your “auto response” question. Your closing question should be brief, simple and consistent with your selling style. Don't confuse the prospect, so make sure your question is clear.

Next, perfect your question. Having a great question isn’t enough — you must be able to use it immediately when you get the feeling it’s time to ask. “That’s what the practice session is all about,” Shore explains. “You need to perfect that go-​to closing question through relentless repetition. Say it. Say it again. Say it 100 more times…OUT LOUD! You’ll be amazed at how natural it will become when you practice it out loud.” In addition, this repetition will give you confidence in your words AND delivery.

Check out his article for the third step, and consider how his tips can help you when it’s time to close!