SWOT Analysis for a Salesperson — Great Tips to Keep in Mind

BY Kathy Crosett
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You’ve been through some great sales training programs, but have you done a SWOT analysis for a salesperson? It's worth considering even if you’ve had some solid sales with tough customers and are on track to make your numbers for this year, as it can help you develop a roadmap for the current year and your long-​term future as an industry professional.

SWOT Analysis for Sales Professionals

As a sales professional, you may already be accustomed to this process. You’re probably reviewing the main parts of this analysis for your clients and prospects every day. However, when it comes to analyzing yourself as a professional, it’s no different.

So, if you want more responsibility, like the chance to sell to much larger accounts or become a sales manager, you first need to shine in your current position. You also need to think about longer-​term goals. Therefore, part of all this requires you to know how to do a SWOT analysis for a salesperson.

Here are some great tips you can use to make it happen.


The strengths part should be an easy review. Think about what aspects of the sales process never give you trouble. Maybe you're the unusual rep who does exceptionally well with cold calls. Or perhaps you don't mind giving presentations, etc. Your strengths will also be evident in the praise you receive from your manager. If you've taken a psychometric assessment, ask your manager to review your results with you as another way to pinpoint your strengths.


The weaknesses part of the personal SWOT analysis for a salesperson will probably be more challenging. It's not fun to think about what you need to work on. For example, you might believe you can rock a sales engineer position. But, on the other hand, you may pride yourself on being an excellent speaker in front of a group of hostile prospects. Would an objective third party say you're an outstanding presenter?

Giving great presentations is a common weakness for salespeople. Have you reviewed videos of your presentations and compared yourself to others? Be honest about this part of your sales SWOT analysis template. If you truly want to improve and reach your goals, you'll need to accept which aspect of your professional skill set needs work and commit to making changes.


When examining the opportunities, create a list. If your goal is to significantly exceed the numbers you and your manager set this year, establish a plan. For example, are there existing accounts where you can sell more products and services? Or is a new business opening in your market that could benefit from your products or services? 

If so, ask your manager to put you on the account and make it part of your opportunities in SWOT analysis for a salesperson. Then think about the approach you'll use to connect with the business. For the longer term, you should consider the type of work you'd like to explore. 

For many reps, the most logical move up the ladder is into a sales management role. If that aspect of the profession appeals to you, talk with your manager. Ask if you can fill in when they are out on vacation. Or you can volunteer to train new sales reps as a way to see if that kind of role works for you.


Time will not stand still while you figure out what you want to be when you grow up. Monitoring threats is a key and ongoing part of a SWOT analysis for a salesperson. If technology is rapidly changing and your industry faces disruption, identify which areas of the product or service you’re selling are likely to survive and emphasize them in your pitches. It’s essential to track what the top competitors are doing. It’s even more important to be aware of new entrants in the market. Stay connected and informed, and share your findings with your manager.

A personal SWOT analysis for a salesperson can yield great benefits whether you’re struggling to make your numbers or you’ve already blown past them. Use the results to improve your results in the short term and to help you achieve your long-​term goals. You may even want to run it with a person you are meeting to understand the best approach to take.