Sales Tactics 101: Your Word Choice Matters

sales tactics 101

New to the industry and nervous about how credible or confident you sound? You should be aware that your word choice matters when meeting with prospects. These choices are apparent in conversation, such as making a first impression or working closely with someone, like a prospect. Speculating on conscious or unconscious communication decisions can undermine our confidence, determination and self-​assurance. But sales are about being persistent and finding solutions to problems, so follow these tips to overcome your word choice insecurities and master sales tactics 101.

Sales Tactics 101: Become Aware of Your Choices

Self-​awareness is defined as the recognition of your character. There are choices you make based on the opportunities you are presented with. These choices reveal who you are. Prospects are looking for sales reps who are trustworthy and confident. SalesCred provides you with psychometric assessments that can foresee where you may falter or have hesitations. The app also generates daily motivational selling tips that promote introspective thoughts. By using this application, you will build your credibility.

Ideal Sales Meeting Behavior

So, now that you have become aware of how word choice matters, how can it be changed? Besides employing good conversation etiquette regarding nonverbal communication, Kathy and Ross Petras, writing for CNBC, suggest you do these key things during your next sales meeting:

  • Avoid weak introductions
    • Go into these meetings with an agenda, but do not be afraid to stray from the path when discussing prospect’s objectives and concerns
  • Aim to use an active voice versus a passive one
    • Keep your meaning clear and concise
  • Avoid absolutes and look at things objectively
    • Never say never and keep
  • Focus on the opportunities as opposed to obligations
    • Your prospect already knows what you should be doing for them, stress instead what other benefits you offer them
  • Do not apologize for doing your job, such as reaching out, taking up time, or your product and services
    • You are underselling yourself by apologizing; your time, effort and services are valuable

These tips form the basis for good interpersonal communications. However, beyond these ideas, you should avoid certain phrases in order to boost confidence and credibility.

Ideas and Examples of Phrases to Include in Your Next Conversation

Not quite sure what word and dialect choices are seen as credible? Here are four phrases to refrain from using and suggestions on different wording.

  • I don’t understand”
    • This is too complicated, could you explain it differently?” If you take responsibility for misunderstanding, prospects will view you in a more confident light and will be more likely to explain their statement in another way for clarification.
  • Do you like this?”
    • What are your thoughts?” Asking a prospect an open-​ended question about their thoughts allows them to answer more thoughtfully and truthfully.
  • Avoid controlling words like “should”
    • Use words like “will” or “won’t.” Should has become a verbal motivation technique to get things done. Prospects are looking for someone who will or won’t be able to deliver a valuable service in a timely manner.
  • Why is this happening?”
    • What am I learning?” Every person and task we commit to is a lesson. Trust the process and learn what each situation has to offer you.

In addition, ditch the use of negative connotation. Do not accept defeat because an earlier attempt did not work. The important element is that you tried and gained experience. Other word choices to avoid are: “I think,” “if only,” and “I’m not positive/​sure …”

To conclude, sales tactics 101 starts with the right word choice, having a positive mindset and confident demeanor and being active in your prospect meeting are just a few of the things you can do to behave more credibly and confidently. By using SalesCred and practicing conversations prior to meeting, you are setting yourself up for success. Prospects will notice your confidence when you use sales tactics 101.

Photo by Vie Studio on Pexels.

Kyla Snodgrass

Kyla Snodgrass

Kyla Snodgrass is an industry trends analyst at SalesFuel. She is responsible for local account research and reports. Kyla is a Miami University alumna holding a Bachelor of Arts degree with co-​majors in strategic communication and fashion design.