Small Appliances and Housewares Target Wedding Registries

BY Rachel Cagle
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"U.S. dollar sales of small appliances grew 4% in 2019, and sales of non-​electric housewares increased 2% compared to 2018, according to The NPD Group."

"Combined, this growth amounted to an additional $952 million in sales for the industry in 2019, demonstrating the consumer’s continued focus on enhancing their homes, and the core needs related to healthy living, convenience, sustainability, entertainment, experience, and taste that are being addressed by these products."

"Healthy living and convenience were once again front-​and-​center in the top performing small appliances of 2019, spanning kitchen electrics, personal care, and home environment. Air fryers, hot air stylers, and robotic vacuums accounted for 42% of the small appliance industry’s sales gains, each capturing more than $100 million in incremental sales for the year, reflecting significant double and triple-​digit growth."

"The top non-​electrics housewares growth drivers of 2019 further demonstrated the consumer’s increased focus on how they live, both in and outside of the home. Dollar sales of portable beverageware — offering the consumer the ability to connect the dots between convenience, sustainability, healthy living, and potentially cost-​efficiency — increased 6% compared to 2018. A nod to today’s more casual consumer aesthetic, housewares dinnerware sales grew 11% in 2019. Canister and jar food storage deliver a sustainable and potentially aesthetically pleasing way to go beyond the basic food storage function, and captured 13% more dollars than in 2018."

'The home industry is in a unique position to contribute to the consumer’s life on many levels, from the basics of cooking and cleaning to enhancing their appearance, whether personal or through design and decor,' said Joe Derochowski, home industry advisor at NPD. 'Consumer needs related to the home will always be there, but we need to make sure we are finding the best ways to meet those needs as they evolve, and communicate our value to the consumer.'”

While creating their registries, Marriage Seekers could be shown the appeal of these popular appliances and housewares to add to their lists or buy for themselves. Last year, according to AudienceSCAN, Marriage Seekers took action after seeing ads on social media, either receiving ads via text or seeings ads on their mobile smartphone apps and seeing TV commercials.

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