The Tech You Need to Survive the Digital Sales Age

BY Rachel Cagle
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The COVID-​19 pandemic may have forced digital sales to become the new norm, but convenience may keep up its popularity long after a vaccine is found. But for many sales reps, writes Roman Shovkun for a recent Sales 3.0 Conference blog post, working from home and digital sales are both aspects of selling that are entirely new to them. They may be doing their best for now, while praying the pandemic passes soon. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how they prefer to sell. If their clients want to continue digital sales, in the future, that’s an adjustment they’ll have to keep making. Also, if their employer decides that a working from a remote base is more efficient and cost effective, this may become their permanent set-up.

Digital Sales Technology

Shovkun reminds sales reps that, in order to be successful in digital sales, you need to have the proper equipment for the job. “These can include customer relationship management tools, learning management systems (for training purposes), sales coaching equipment, sales engagement tracking, sales productivity tracking and sales asset management.” Be sure to use any of these tools that your company offers.

You’ll notice that most of these have nothing to do with the actual selling process. Honestly, all you need for that is a reliable internet connection, a video chat system, and an email account. The difficult part is collaborating with your coworkers and managers from a distance.

You want to keep your fellow sales reps up to date on your sales efforts progress. You don’t want to encounter a situation where you and another rep reach out to the same new prospect. Awkward.

It can also be difficult for management to collaborate with their sales reps and help them progress from a distance. If your manager has given you an assignment in a developmental sales coaching tools such as SalesFuel COACH, your should try to best to complete it. Doing so will improve your sales and technical skills. This makes sure you can continue your training and improvements, even when you can’t meet face-​to-​face with your managers are regularly as you are used to.

Process Updates

If your selling atmosphere/​medium has changed,  it’s only logical that your sales process should change too. For instance, back on the subject of collaborating with coworkers, even with digital sales, it’s important to be able to communicate with everyone on your team just as easily as you could when you were all in the office. So, taking advantage of your company's instant messaging options and file sharing software is critical.

Also, providing information to your clients is more important than ever since they have the time and means to research each of their buying options online before even agreeing to meet with a sales rep. Webinars, blog posts, online videos, and other digital information-​focused media can be an easy way for prospects to find the information they desire on your products or services both before and while they’re in the sales process with you.