3 Small Sales Hacks That Can Have a Big Impact

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sales hacks can be great ways for salespeople to implement small adjustments that can have a big impact on their entire process, from time management to enhancing relationships. Writing for Business2Community, Peter Daisyme shares a variety of sales hacks–all backed by sales experts. From his compilation, we’ve gathered three highlights that sellers should consider adopting:

  1. Offer an inexpensive upsell at different touch points.
  2. Follow the “rule of seven.”
  3. Mirror your prospect.

Sales hacks don’t have to be difficult

The beauty of these sales hacks is that they aren’t difficult or expensive to implement. They are simply small strategies, behaviors, actions, and techniques that you put into practice. “Besides going out there and learning on-​the-​go, these pieces of wisdom can guide you in maximizing your time and producing results,” Daisyme writes. And even better: the hacks he shares are backed by successful sales professionals.

Offer an inexpensive upsell at different touchpoints. 

Don’t just settle for a sale. Whether you’re working with a prospect or a current client, there are always opportunities to generate more revenue. Upselling is an effective way to offer a solution that is a bit more than the initial offering at a bit higher price point. Small upgrades and additions, that don’t cost a lot, can be suggested at various touchpoints. And they don’t have to be hard sells; a link to an add-​on can be placed under your signature in an email, or you can mention bundling options in a social media post. However you mention upsells, just make sure that you’re offering something of genuine value to the prospect or client

Follow the “rule of seven.”

One of the other sales hacks that Daisyme shares is following the rule of seven. While it sounds mysterious, its concept is simple: a prospect has to be exposed to you or your offering seven times before they really take genuine interest. “This rule has roots in psychology since it’s been observed through a psychological phenomenon called ‘mere-​exposure effect’ or the ‘familiarity principle’,” Daisyme explains. “The mere-​exposure effect simply states that the more people are exposed to something, the more likely they are to take note of it and develop a preference for it.”

And again, your efforts don’t need to be costly or over-​the-​top. Daisyme recommends:

  • Leveraging a variety of content, such as blog posts, videos and case studies, and sharing them with a prospect. 
  • Contributing to industry blogs and publications so that your name and offerings become familiar (all while establishing sales credibility for yourself).
  • Using social media and engaging in multiple ways, whether it’s private messages, posts, comments, or articles.

Mirror your prospect

Body language can be a powerful sales tool, making for effective, yet subtle, sales hacks. Have you ever tried “mirroring” prospects? This tactic involves matching your own body language, tone, speech cadence, and vocal style to the prospect. As SaleFuel explains, “Occasionally mirroring your potential client can convey a sense of likeness between the two of you. It can also communicate that you are both thinking and feeling similarly in that moment.” This fosters feelings or trust and helps build rapport. So, if the prospect is enthusiastic and animated, try to match that energy. Smile when they smile, or align your body position or gestures with theirs. But again, keep it subtle and don’t completely copy their every action. 

Put these to the test

These three sales hacks, as well as the others Daisyme shares, are small adjustments that can enhance already existing strategies and techniques. And for even more helpful hacks that don’t bust your budget, consider these shared by SalesFuel.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska