5 Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Worldwide, over 300 billion emails are sent daily. Expect 347 billion daily emails by the end of 2023. Overflowing inboxes are ubiquitous. Sorting, batching and answering is a maddening exercise. Yet email marketing is a central component of many campaign strategies. Your clients are unlikely to abandon the practice, but you can help them succeed even in this crowded space. Successful email marketing is hard to achieve. But there are some strategies that will help your clients.

Successful email marketing is powerful and delivers proven results. It is arguably the most cost-​effective way to promote products and services and to communicate with customers. Email is not without its detractors. A recent study looks closely at remote worker happiness and productivity. Email is a major interruption and cause for frustration. Nearly one-​third of respondents yearn for a workday without email, and 96% of remote workers crave the relief of “inbox zero." But you can help your clients structure more better emails using this information. Beat email burnout with thoughtful, valuable emails that align with recipients' preferences.

Successful email marketing for your clients

Steven MacDonald recently updated his guide for email marketing that provides five strategies well worth your attention. 

Personalized messaging

Help your clients collect the right information in your sign-​up form. This will provide ample opportunities to personalize. Use customer data to greet and relate to the prospect. A compelling subject line results in a 46% open rate. Use the prospect’s name here. Use a real reply-​to address and a real email signature. Encourage reader response at every opportunity.

Segment the targets

For B2B clients, segment by industry, company size and sales cycle. Use CRM information to enhance the file for each recipient. For retail, use the sign-​up form and information from past visits to the company’s website or store. Case study results show a 94% open rate and a 38% click-​through rate for segmented campaigns. Encourage your clients to collect and segment data to ensure successful email marketing campaigns.

Create mobile friendly emails

61% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Assure that your clients’ emails are optimized for mobile. Email on mobile devices return four times the revenue of desktops, according to MacDonald’s research. Use responsive email design which adapts to any device the receiver uses. Also, make the call-​to-​action bold and simple.

Test the content and design elements

As mentioned, subject lines are key. 70% of marketers test subject lines routinely. Messaging is tested by 60%, and call-​to-​action and design are analyzed by 54%. Other items to test are the “from address,” plain text versus HTML and long versus short content.

Automate the campaign

User behavior can trigger response emails. These replies have higher open rates. Examples are “welcome,” “thank you” or loyalty replies. The click-​through-​rate of these emails is double that of traditional emails. Only 20% of marketers currently use triggered emails, they can be effective for driving engagement for your clients.

Successful email marketing has it challenges. Using business and consumer insight on AdMall by SalesFuel, proper use of data and attention to detail, your clients will experience successful email marketing campaigns. 

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Tim Londergan

Tim Londergan

Tim is a research contributor at SalesFuel. Previously, he worked as a Sales Development Manager, representing products such as AdMall and AudienceSCAN. Tim holds a B.S. from the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.