Are You A Lead Hunter? If Not, Here's How To Start

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When it comes to generating leads, do you consider yourself to be a farmer or a hunter? It actually pays to be a bit of both! This is true in any industry, including catering. It can be intimidating, and confusing, figuring out where to start your hunt, especially if you aren't used to proactively going after leads. SocialTables​.com recently published an article that discusses how to become a successful lead hunter, sharing different ways to seek out quality prospective clients.

Go Social

One great way to start is to make sure you get on social media. But, it’s not enough to just set up a profile. You need to actually post and listen. Listening is actually underutilized on social networks. As the article points out, “Social media is a great place to keep tabs on catering trends, competitors, and happenings in your area. For example, you can follow your competitors to find out what kind of events they’re booking.” Also, take note of popular posts among competitors. What do those posts have in common?

Connect With Email

Another tip is to make use of email. Actively reach out to past clients who you’ve worked with in the past. Keep yourself top of mind and offer something of value to keep their interest. Email can include:

  • An ask for referrals. Past happy clients are great lead generators! Be sure to include an incentive, such as a special offer.
  • Your knowledge! Are you taking part in any cutting-edge trends? Spark interest by sharing your know how and experience. Use pictures to showcase your work and spark inspiration.
  • Examples of service. How have you provided unique, personalized service in the past? Again, use images and diagrams to show rather than simply tell. You may offer something that a past client isn’t aware of or has even considered.

Using these tactics can open up opportunities for business that you might have missed. With just a few tweaks to your action plan, you can successfully hunt down leads and boost lead generation efficiency.

Jessica Helinski

Jessica Helinski

Jessica is a senior research analyst for SalesFuel focusing on selling to SMB decision makers. She also reports on sales and presentation tips for SalesFuel and Media Sales Today. Jessica is a graduate of Ohio University.