Brand Sponsorship Spending Impacts Local Buying in a Big Way

BY Kathy Crosett
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Are your clients looking for another way to connect with consumers in their local communities? Increasingly, brand sponsorship of local events is the answer. Integer has checked out where most sponsorship spending happens and where consumer interest lies.

Sponsorship Spending

Globally, marketers spend more than $65.8 billion every year on sponsorship. It may come as no surprise to sports fans that a significant amount of sponsorship spending goes to this category. Overall, 72% of a marketer’s sponsorship budget shows up at football, basketball, golf, hockey, auto racing, and similar events.

Consumer Interest

Based on Integer research, marketers might miss an opportunity to spend brand sponsorship money on other events and activities. In fact, consumers show specific interests by gender when asked where they found the sponsorship spending most meaningful.

For men, sports events rule, with 31.2% saying that football sponsorships are important. And 23.2% say the same about baseball. Men are also open to emerging categories like video game tournaments. For 22.7% of men, this kind of sponsorship is noteworthy. Men are just interested in marketing messages at non-​sports events. 

They’ll notice this kind of marketing on brand sponsorships at community and local events (19.2%) and museums (15.4%). Women will definitely see your clients’ sponsorship at community and local events (30.4%). 

And your clients can make an impression on women at health fairs (22.8%) and food, beer and wine festivals (19.2%).

The Power of Local Sponsorship

Integer’s research shows that brand sponsorship marketing connects with more consumers than it was in 2011. In total, 58% say this kind of marketing is highly or slightly influential when it comes to purchasing goods and services sold by event sponsors.

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