Increase Your Client's Sales Using Post-​Lockdown Videos

BY Rachel Cagle
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After over a year of waiting, the world is slowly opening back up! However, consumers still don’t want to assume that every company is returning to business-​as-​usual just yet. So, your clients could be missing out on sales if they don’t make their post-​lockdown status known. A recent article by One Productions says that a great way to inform consumers is to make post-​lockdown videos.

Crafting Post-​Lockdown Videos

As the economy comes out of hibernation, the need for video is going to be larger than it has ever been, both for internal and external communications,” writes One Productions. Your clients need to keep their customers up-​to-​date on their operations. To do so, One Productions recommends creating three types of post-​lockdown videos:

  1. Yes, We’re Open”
  2. We’re Improving”
  3. We’re Changing”

Yes, We’re Open”

A lot of businesses were forced to shut down over the course of the pandemic, both permanently and temporarily. Your client may have been among them, especially if they’re a small business. Even if your client never had to close, they may be a part of an industry that experienced mass closings, such as sit-​down restaurants. That’s why one of the best post-​lockdown videos your client could make simply affirms that they are open.

We’re Improving”

Yes, businesses are opening back up and the hope of putting the pandemic behind us is spreading. However, the world isn’t back to business-​as-​usual just yet. Your client can’t, and hopefully isn’t, reopen and conduct business using pre-​pandemic practices. They need to show their customers that they are taking steps to improve their business operations and adjust to present-​day standards. So, they also need to make post-​lockdown videos that spotlight their business improvements. “Some of these, like social distancing or special opening hours for healthcare workers, require knowledge campaigns to educate people about their existence,” points out One Productions. “If you find yourself innovating in order to help beat Covid-​19, a video is the best way to get the message out.”

We’re Changing”

The pandemic left its mark and forced a number of businesses to modify their practices. “If you need to reposition yourself in the market, in a big or small way, you’ll need a video to explain the change to your customers and put yourself on the radar of potential new customers,” says One Productions. Let existing and potential customers know what your client is offering and how they’ve changed in order to attract business.

One of our previous blogs highlights data about expected digital video spend for this year. “Trusted Media Brands’ Digital Video Outlook study predicts that by 2021, 73% of the world will be tuned in to digital video. As a result, Trusted Media Brands quotes eMarketer as believing that advertisers will respond in kind by spending $22.12 billion on video ads by that same year.” If your client wants to know exactly how effective post-​lockdown videos would be in their ad efforts, check out their target audience’s profile on AudienceSCAN on AdMall by SalesFuel.