Paired Out-​of-​Home and Social Media Ads Score Consumer Attention

BY Kyla Snodgrass
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Out-​of-​home (OOH) advertisement spending has almost returned to pre-​pandemic levels. Consumers are starting to become more active, and therefore have more opportunity to engage with OOH advertising. The ROI for OOH advertising is strong, especially when marketers combine it with social media advertisements.

Out-​of-​Home Ads and Why They Score Consumer Attention

BIA defines out-​of-​home advertising as traditional or digital messaging placed outside of the home, such as billboards, signage, taxi cabs, and cinema. Spending on OOH ads has grown to almost rival pre-​pandemic levels due to recent economic growth and increased consumer leisure time. BIA projects the total spending level in the U.S. market for OOH local ads in 2022 will reach approximately $7.6 billion.

The rate of travel is the highest it has been over the last two years. OOH ads are frequently seen at places consumers travel to, such as cinemas, gas stations and retail centers. Nielsen Research found that advertisement placement at these establishments prompts 18% of US adults to act within 30 days after seeing an outdoor ad and almost 2/​3 of digital OOH viewers to engage at least once after encountering a digital billboard.

Social Media Ads and Why They Score Consumer Attention

The Harris Poll reports that consumers of social media “frequently notice OOH ads being posted on platforms,” and that 75% of those users who remembered seeing an OOH advertisement engaged with it. Social media has become part of many Americans’ daily routine. Here are the percentages of consumers who use social media and are also influenced by OOH ads.

  • 82% of people use TikTok; 38% often noticed ads, 27% sometimes noticed, 17% rarely noticed
  • 81% of people use Instagram; 30% often noticed ads, 32% sometimes noticed, 19% rarely noticed
  • 80% use Facebook; 34% often noticed ads, 30% sometimes noticed, 16% rarely noticed
  • 78% use Snapchat; 29% often noticed ads, 30% sometimes noticed, 19% rarely noticed
  • 76% use Twitter; 26% often noticed ads, 28% sometimes noticed, 22% rarely noticed

Retailers, restaurants and politicians have found success using social media. The OAAA also reports that these industries are heavy users of OOH ads, especially as we draw closer to the voting and holiday seasons.

What Type of OOH Ads Score Consumer Attention?

Vidyard reports that, “93% of people say that video converts the same or better than other forms of content.” Rachel Cagle, blogger for SalesFuel explains that video marketing is a popular digital trend to promote businesses and increase engagement with consumers. The success of video marketing is linked to the type, length and distribution of the content. General rules to follow are to keep the most impactful point of your message in the first six seconds, know the type of video marketing technique you should be utilizing, and where you should be distributing the video marketing, such as with OOH ads.

How AudienceSCAN Supports OOH and Social Media Ads to Score Consumer Attention

AudienceSCAN, offered by SalesFuel, provides users with proprietary data on hundreds of target audiences. This information gives an outlook on digital audiences such as online shoppers and consumer behavior in the United States, which is extremely helpful when evaluating when and where to use OOH and social media advertising. You can share this information with your clients when you’re helping them develop the right messaging for their target audience.

In summary, paired out-​of-​home and social media ads score consumer attention and effectively increase brand awareness. The current market for OOH advertising is the highest it has been in two years. Have prospects take advantage of this trend by using AudienceSCAN to determine their target audience’s digital and traditional OOH ad engagement. Finally, encourage your clients to use video content to communicate their message and increase ROI on their investment quickly and compellingly.

Photo by Owen Barker on Pexels.