Sales Managers: Here’s How to Help Your Reps Achieve Their Boon

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Every sales rep dreams of mak­ing their BOON – the one big sale that makes their career and their future. If you’re a sales man­ag­er, you like­ly had such an event. Now, it’s up to you to help your reps score the same kind of deal. In a recent Man­age Smarter pod­cast, Michael Tra­cy, of Sales Jour­ney, explains how he coach­es teams to “dou­ble sales in 90 days.”

Tra­cy likens the sales jour­ney to the hero’s jour­ney out­lined by Joseph Camp­bell in his famous book. There are mul­ti­ple steps to these jour­neys. As a man­ag­er, you can nur­ture your reps at each step. You might encour­age your reps to qual­i­fy prospects prop­er­ly. Make sure they're get­ting enough infor­ma­tion dur­ing their dis­cov­ery calls.

In Tracy’s expe­ri­ence, sales orga­ni­za­tions should fig­ure out which key per­for­mance indi­ca­tors (KPIs) are impor­tant and start track­ing them. For exam­ple, maybe face-to-face meet­ings are key. If sales reps know they have to hit the goal of two face-to-face meet­ings a day, they’ll “be cre­ative about how they’re get­ting those appoint­ments.” With so many dig­i­tal natives now enter­ing the pro­fes­sion­al world, we can expect to see a video call count for a face-to-face meet­ing. The point is, your peo­ple will know they have to hit spe­cif­ic num­bers and they'll try to do it if they know you're track­ing them.

To be tru­ly effec­tive, sales man­agers must “inspect what you expect, and real­ly spend time and men­tor each per­son indi­vid­u­al­ly for their own skills and weak­ness­es. I find that sales man­agers like to do it all at once, but it’s real­ly impor­tant to take the time to do one-on-ones with indi­vid­ual reps.” If you have mem­bers of Gen X and Z on your sales team, feed­back is crit­i­cal. Tra­cy reminds us that these employ­ees have grown up in a con­tin­u­ous feed­back loop. After they accom­plish some­thing in a giv­en day, they get ner­vous if they don’t hear any­thing from their man­ag­er.

If you tru­ly want to help your reps reach the next high point in their career, explain exact­ly what you want them to do, mea­sure it and meet fre­quent­ly to give them feed­back on what’s work­ing and what needs to change.

C. Lee Smith

C. Lee Smith

CEO and Founder at Sales­Fu­el
C. Lee Smith is the President/CEO of Sales­Fu­el — a firm he found­ed in 1989. He was named one of the 14 Lead­ing Sales Con­sul­tants by Sell­ing Pow­er mag­a­zine in 2018. Lee is the cre­ator of the AdMall® and Sales­Fu­el COACH™ SaaS plat­forms. He is also a Git­o­mer Cer­ti­fied Advi­sor, expert on the Sales Experts Chan­nel and a C‑Suite Net­work Advi­sor.
C. Lee Smith


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