Silver Lining in the Coronavirus-​related Ad Market Meltdown

BY Kathy Crosett
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Your clients may be trying to pull ad campaigns they’ve been planning, especially if they operate in the travel vertical. The coronavirus-​related ad market meltdown is real. But you and your clients can find ways to sell more during this pandemic.

The Cloud Over the Ad Market

Megan Graham, in a CNBC report earlier this month, noted that the media industry would experience big shifts in ad revenue. While national ad demand for events like the Olympics might fall, other marketers may spend more to catch the attention of consumers who are suddenly being forced to spend more time at home.

In an article for martechtoday, Amy Barone at Splash commented on event marketing. We’ve seen large scale events like SXSW get cancelled. However, Barone contends that businesses will be more likely to promote and invest in local events. These kinds of activities cut down on the need for travel and allow businesses to connect on a more personal level with smaller groups of prospects.

There are also hopeful reports that the slowdown in current economic activity will lead to a boost in ad budgets later this year. The hoped-​for rebound might not mean much if you’re tasked with selling advertising now. You can work with your clients to develop ad campaigns that will resonate with consumers without sending the wrong message.

Local marketers can advertise the responsible initiatives they’re undertaking to help during the crisis. Check with your local restaurants and foodservice delivery operators about promotions they are offering. Consumers won’t want to go out to eat, but they may appreciate being able to order meal delivery. Online education providers can emphasize their course availability during this time as well.

Similarly, health care providers can run informational campaigns about how consumers can protect themselves against the virus. Misinformation and hysteria levels are high, so emphasizing the facts can reassure consumers. Health care providers and local and state government agencies should also be advertising where consumers can go to get tested and to get health care services.

While consumers in high risk groups are being urged to stay home to work or attend school remotely, many people must use public transportation. Health care and sanitation workers won’t be able to work from home. Reps can contact their mass transit clients and remind them to promote the steps they are taking to keep their facilities clean and safe for the traveling public.

With a subscription to AdMall from SalesFuel, you can review local account intelligence for industry sectors ranging from safety and protective equipment retailing to physicians and health care facilities. Check out these reports and talk with your clients about revising their ad campaigns during this challenging time.