Social Media Prospecting Is a MUST for Sellers

BY Jessica Helinski
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Social media prospecting may be something you’ve merely dabbled in, but it’s time to give it more attention. As sellers continue to shift communications and sales processes away from in-​person, social media will play a vital role in sales during the pandemic (and likely after). Plus, social media does offer opportunities for sales reps. “In today's world, social media is both the main source for the latest news and the medium most people use to stay connected,” writes Baylor Cherry for Bluleadz. “Social networking sites can also help you become a thought leader and earn new customers and clients.”

For today’s sellers, social media prospecting can be a powerful tool, and Cherry shares how in her recent article. She spotlights the top ways social media can benefit sales, as well as tips on how to use it to drive engagement, sales and loyalty.

Social Media Prospecting: The Why

First, Cherry takes a moment to define just what exactly social selling is, which gives reps a clear idea of the concept:

Social selling is the process of engaging with targeted prospects to establish rapport and create meaningful relationships on social media sites with the purpose of providing them with a product or service.”

Once defined, she goes on to share how social media prospecting is valuable to sellers.

Quality leads. Social networks give reps the opportunity to uncover specific, targeted leads via search and shared groups. You can also leverage your brand presence and by doing so, boost visibility and attract interest. “These leads will already have an accurate idea of what you do, how you do it, and how much it costs, so they'll know if your product or service fits their needs by the time they are looking to make a purchase,” Cherry explains.

Define your ideal customer. Social media prospecting also gives you the chance to clearly define who your ideal buyer is. Using these networks can give you a firsthand look into what your prospects think and feel, their actions, and their behaviors. You may also come across new buyer personas that you never considered pursuing, opening up an entirely new market. As Cherry points out, “All of these things can help you to tweak your ideal customer profile so it’s more accurate. This way, you'll know who they truly are and where they look for answers.”

Gather data easily. Social media is a treasure trove of information. Yes, you have analytics, but social media prospecting can go to a different level online. You can go deeper into prospect insights thanks to social posts being less formal and more honest. Social networks allow you to get right into the action, something which analytics just can’t do.

Cherry goes on to highlight five different social networks and how reps should approach each. I will share these insightful tips in my next blog post on Monday, November 9. For now, consider the benefits of social media prospecting. If you haven’t started yet, it’s definitely time to dive in. If you already use these networks for prospecting, think about how your practices align with her suggestions.