Tutoring Services to Help Prevent College Class Dropping

BY Rachel Cagle
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A new study from the market research team at Zion & Zion investigated the reasons why college students withdraw from classes. The study found that class type, student interest and grades are key drivers of course withdrawal.

  • 50% of students receiving a poor grade in a boring class say they are likely to drop the course, but only 24% of students getting a good grade in a boring class are likely to do so.
  • 45% of students getting a poor grade in an elective class are likely to drop the course, compared to 25% of students getting a poor grade in a required course.
  • Students with an unknown grade in an interesting or required class are less likely to drop than those with a good grade in a boring class.

To better understand the reasons for student class withdrawals, Zion & Zion conducted a nationwide survey of 1,200 college students in two groups: current freshmen and sophomores at four-​year colleges and universities, and students in their first year at a two-​year community or junior college.

Students spend quite a bit of time online, both for educational and leisure purposes. Tutoring Service Customers may need one last push to stay in a boring class so they they won't have wasted their time, and tutors can offer that saving grace via digital ads. Most students are fairly frugal and are influenced by savings. Within the last month, nearly half of Tutoring Service Customers used the internet to find coupons and discount codes, and their favorite types of emails to receive from businesses include coupons/​discount codes and limited-​time offers/​sales, according to AudienceSCAN. Last year, 68.8% of these consumers took action after seeing ads on daily deals sites such as Groupon and nearly 3/​4 were driven to action by email ads. Also within the last year, these consumers were driven to action by ads on their mobile smartphone apps and in text messages, TV commercials and direct mail ads.

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