Use Special Occasions to Boost Client Loyalty

BY Rachel Cagle
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Businesses that withstand the test of time aren’t built on a series of singular sales. Some
salespeople get so carried away with the importance of that first sale to new clients that they forget what their end goal should be: turning that potential client into a long-​term client. Keeping your clients around long term is the result of continuous effort on your part. If you become too distant, your clients will feel unappreciated and leave to find something better. So, what are some good ways to remind your existing clients that they’re still a priority to you? John Patterson offers some suggestions in his article, “25 Ways To Show Your Loyalty To Your Customers.”

  1. Ask for Feedback

You don’t always have to go looking for ways to make your customers feel involved in the service you give them. Just talk to them. When you’re planning on switching around your customer service plan or something else that directly involves your clients, ask them for their opinions on your change. Ask for their input on how you can improve your service. By doing this, you’re actively getting your customers involved with your service and they could provide you with ideas you might not have thought of on your own. This shows that you're investing in your clients.

  1. Utilize Special Occasions

An easy way to make sure you reach out to your clients on a regular basis is to send them cards on major holidays and their birthdays. This approach ensures that you’re contacting your clients consistently throughout the year, shows that you remember personal things about them (birthdays), and gives you the opportunity to send them something handwritten. Too many businesses do everything digitally. Be the salesperson who takes the time to write out and mail personalized notes. It’ll help you stand out from your competition.

  1. Back Future Sales Pitches with Research

When it comes time to make another sale to your clients, make sure it’s a relevant one. Don’t just approach your clients because you have a new product or service. Research their businesses regularly, find out exactly what each of your clients’ needs are, and then use that information as your lead in your sales pitch. Approaching your customers with a product or service that you’re recommending because you thought of them and their business will be much more effective than saying, “Hey, my company just got this new thing. Any interest?“ Not only that, the personalized pitch also shows you are making the effort to keep your clients’ needs top-​of-​mind, which speaks volumes about your loyalty to them.