Daily Sales Activities That Sellers Should Add To Their Routine

BY Jessica Helinski
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Sellers are faced with a variety of daily tasks. But not all sales activities are equal in importance; there are certain activities that will optimize the work day. “The exact daily sales activities you complete will depend on the products/​services you sell and the target audience you sell them to,” writes James Urie for Close blog. But, certain tasks are generally beneficial for every salesperson and maximize their chances of success.

Why are daily sales activities important?

Sellers should set aside time each day for specific tasks, but why? There are actually many reasons to stay dedicated. One benefit is boosted productivity. Generally speaking, simply dedicating yourself to a schedule of to-​dos is setting the stage for enhanced productivity. “When you set a clear daily schedule full of must-​do sales activities, your productivity levels will skyrocket,” Urie explains. “You'll know exactly what needs to get done each day, and you'll be able to do it in a timely manner.”

Specific daily tasks also help you hit quota. Smart sellers know which tasks contribute most to overall success. By prioritizing activities that generate the most results, reps avoid wasting time. 

Which tasks should you do everyday?

As Urie pointed out, there are several daily sales activities that are good choices to make part of each day’s routine. He shares several that provide benefits if tended to daily, one of which is blocking time for sales calls. Calls continue to be an important element of sales success. In fact, approximately 60% of buyers say a phone call is their first or second choice when it comes to being contacted by a seller. The types of call you choose to make are up to you. You may choose to focus only on cold calls. Or, you might allocate some of the blocked time to reaching out to warm leads, prospects who have gone cold, or buyers who are already on their purchase journey with you. 

Urie also recommends adding time to connect with current clients. Nurturing existing relationships is important and worthy of daily attention. “When adding daily sales activities to your schedule, don't forget to check in with past buyers,” he suggests. “Doing so will help keep customer relationships fresh and pinpoint upsell opportunities.” It will also boost retention rates and keep renewals rolling in. 

For tips on making the most out of outreaches to clients, check out SalesFuel’s advice to optimize these touchpoints

Take a look at your data

For many successful sellers, analyzing data and metrics are daily sales activities they don’t miss. Keeping track of important numbers will help you adjust your strategies, focus and processes. You’ll be more aware of what needs to be prioritized and will prevent issues from snowballing by staying on top of them. According to LinkedIn, “Some useful activities to measure include the volume and timing of emails, sales calls, meetings, marketing campaigns, and phone calls. By monitoring your data, you’ll be able to track the activities that lead up to a sale.”

And, just as important, Urie notes, is comparing daily data to sales goals. You’ll know where you’re at in relation to goals, and again, adjust accordingly. It also will shed light on how your individual efforts are contributing to the company’s overall results. And, by incorporating data analysis into your daily routine, you’ll be knowledgeable and prepared for any upcoming meetings and reviews coming your way. 

Keep up on your inbox

While not the most exciting of the daily sales activities, checking emails will pay off. No one wants an overloaded inbox, and by putting off keeping tabs on emails, you may miss opportunities to engage. Urie points out that while sellers have different preferences of when to block time out of their day for this task, it should be done everyday. Email is an important communication tool for buyers, so don’t neglect your inbox. And for email management advice, take a look at SalesFuel's tips.

Dedicating yourself to daily sales activities has many benefits, and it keeps you agile, aware and engaged. Simply adding even a few tasks to your daily routine can have a major impact on productivity, reaching quota and overall success.

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