New Software Platform Puts Personalized Coaching for Sales Reps on Autopilot — Announcing CoachFeed

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SalesFuel’s CoachFeed AI-​driven sales coaching solution improves rep performance in just 2 minutes a day

SalesFuel®, a leading sales enablement group that provides sales teams with the intelligence to Sell Smarter®, announces CoachFeed, the new AI-​powered assistant coach, offering automated, personalized sales coaching.

CoachFeed, which can lift the contribution from a sales team’s middle performers by up to 57%, pushes personalized feeds to sales reps to improve their sales acumen, sales mindset, and performance. The feeds are fully automated for each rep using AI require only two minutes at a time, and without requiring additional work by ultra-​busy sales managers.

It’s an open secret that coaching your reps has multiple positive outcomes, not the least of which is increased sales. But the typical sales manager spends just 8% of their time coaching due to all the other demands of their job,” says C. Lee Smith, CEO at SalesFuel. “While training systems improve book smarts, our fresh, new CoachFeed solution improves street smarts through ‘sales microcoaching’ that amplifies and reinforces the sales manager’s existing one-​on-​one sessions.”

CoachFeed starts by revealing the hidden secrets of what keeps each rep from selling more, then prescribes bite-​sized coaching through three personalized feeds for each rep:

  1. Sales Credibility Coaching Feed: SalesFuel's proprietary sales coaching software algorithms systematically deliver weekly sales guidance based on each rep's greatest area of need. This feed develops their sales acumen, improves soft skills, and builds credibility with prospects.
  2. Sales Mindset Coaching Feed: Helps each rep maximize their positivity, manage the stress of the job, and benefit even more from their natural strengths. This feed includes coaching points from Behavioral Mastermind Steven Sisler – author of four bestselling books on human behavior.
  3. Account-​Based Coaching Feeds: Tailored specifically for high-​priority sales targets that require extra attention with 20 types of shareable insight from SalesFuel research.

The Sales Credibility Coaching Feed and Sales Mindset Coaching Feed are each delivered once a week to the rep’s inbox, SalesFuel Mobile app, Slack or Microsoft Teams app. The Account-​Based Coaching Feed is delivered weekly for up to four targeted prospects/​accounts. Each rep gets their own customized feed.

CoachFeed addresses these pressing issues:

  • 56% of salespeople do not look to their sales manager to “get tips to improve as a salesperson.” (HubSpot)
  • Only 25% of salespeople say their manager’s coaching improves their win. (Voice of the Sales Rep)
  • Salespeople want to be thought of as “trusted advisors” but only 1 in 4 salespeople is viewed as credible — even fewer are considered trusted advisors. (American State of Credibility)

Backed by brain science, CoachFeed employs four psychometric assessments and SalesFuel's world-​class Sales Acumen assessment — taken by more than 40,000 salespeople of all types around the globe. Finally, CoachFeed provides managers with a coaching playbook for each member of the sales team.

Released originally in April 2019, CoachFeed represents the next version of SalesFuel COACH, the developmental sales coaching solution.

Sales managers anywhere in the world are invited to request a free trial at https://​salesfuel​.com/​c​o​a​c​h​f​e​e​d​-​t​r​ial