Research Increases Account Spending to $75,000 at KFVS-TV

BY Courtney Huckabay
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Challenge: Alternative energy solutions provider finds cost a barrier in Cape Girardeau

KFVS-​TV/​WQWQ-​TV Success Manager Rebecca Lambert was on a mission to help her sales team upsell a current energy client.

This business faces many challenges as they carry unique products with a high upfront cost to the consumer but lead to money savings down the road,” Lambert explained.

This particular provider in southeast Missouri creates a unique environment to provide sustainable energy and resources to the residential, commercial and agricultural community throughout the mid-south.

Solution: Local intelligence energizes sales presentation with research

Lambert’s role is to support account executives with research and to help create the presentations they put in front of KFVS12 clients.

AdMall is a big part of this as it helps me find key information on the business and the potential they could expect to see from advertising with us.”

Lambert used the LAIR on Alternative Energy Solutions Providers to create an ROI slide in the presentation and helped seal the deal.

I was able to create a presentation for an account executive and use the industry research provided in AdMall to help show the potential and ROI.”

Result: Advertiser increases spend to a total of $75,000

The client went from spending $2,700 a month to $5,000 per month. They signed a contract for 15 months!

We were able to use the information on AdMall to show the need for their product in our area. This helped us take a current campaign and increase their spend.”

They are running 30-​second ads, as well as a digital campaign on KFVS12 core products. She said the client is happy with the campaign so far.

I have been using AdMall for 3 years. My favorite part is the information provided on Target Customers. This helps create conversation about the future for the business and what their potential clients are considering throughout the year, this also helps create the numbers to show their ROI.”