SalesFuel launches new online Sales Manager Training program in alliance with TopLine Leadership

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Gearing up for 2021, heads of sales need to ensure their sales managers have a laser-​like focus on developing their teams and driving revenue.

SalesFuel’s Sales Manager Training is based on Kevin Davis’ bestselling book The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness10 essential strategies for leading your team to the top.  This comprehensive training program and upskills sales managers so they can be more effective team leaders who can achieve consistent sales growth. In addition, the program has been integrated with TeamTrait™, the most comprehensive talent assessment solution for hiring salespeople, and CoachFeed, a developmental sales micro-​coaching solution.

Heads of sales often face a missing link between their vision for driving profitable growth and how sales managers are implementing it. Those who can benefit most from this online course have sales managers who are:

  • Struggling to achieve consistent sales growth
  • Losing deals your company should have won
  • Overwhelmed by distractions, moving from crisis to crisis with no time for coaching or developing salespeople
  • Failing to hold their salespeople accountable for their commitments

In addition, heads of sales may feel they have no consistent process for improving sales managers and are tired of seeing good salespeople leave the company.

Good sales managers improve numbers. Great sales managers improve people. This program helps sales managers do both and more,” says international bestselling Amazon author and CEO of SalesFuel C. Lee Smith. “As we move beyond the upheaval of the past year and COVID-​19, now is the time to help your sales managers reach their highest potential to drive sales growth in 2021 by focusing on developing their salespeople, not just their sales process.”

Unlike other sales management training programs,SalesFuel’s Sales Manager Training covers the full range of skills and leadership abilities needed to turn high-​performing salespeople into great sales managers. The program emphasizes tools and tactics proven to drive revenue growth and helps sales managers develop the right mindset to apply them.

SalesFuel has formed an alliance with TopLine Leadership to deliver this program in conjunction with SalesFuel’s HIRE and COACH solutions.

Benefits of the program include:

Self-​Paced Learning

The program is divided into 36 lessons, each lasting around 8 minutes on average. Sales managers can complete these lessons at their own pace, on their own time, with 24/​7 access on any device.

Facilitated Delivery for Groups

Facilitated delivery and review sessions supported by the experts at SalesFuel. The program can also be supported by your own internal trainers using our train-​the-​trainer package.

Tools for Ongoing Sustainment

Managers can apply what they've learned every day with the addition of the TeamTrait™ and  SalesFuel COACH SaaS platforms.

Sales managers want their salespeople to be successful but need a way to conquer the ‘stuff’ to become more strategic in the use of their time and coaching investment,” says Kevin Davis. “Closing the gap between the intent of wanting their people to succeed and the actions needed to actually accomplish that is the goal of The Sales Manager’s Guide to Greatness.”

SalesFuel experts will facilitate discussion and review after each quarter of instruction or at customized frequency, tailored to each company’s requirements:

  • Dave Blakeslee — Vice President of Training at SalesFuel, Gitomer Certified Advisor and Certified ATD Instructional Designer
  • C. Lee Smith — CEO of SalesFuel, 30-​year sales management veteran, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, and author of the books SalesCred and Hire Smarter, Sell More!  He is also the co-​host of the Manage Smarter podcast on the C‑Suite Network and iHeart Radio.
  • Kevin F. Davis is the president of TopLine Leadership. , more than 20,000 sales managers from many of the world’s most successful companies have attended Kevin’s two‑day workshop on sales management leadership.

Learn more about SalesFuel’s Sales Manager Training  program here. The program is available immediately.