Younger Americans Prefer Mini-Vacations

BY Rachel Cagle
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"Last year, two-​thirds (66%) of Americans took at least one trip shorter than five nights, driven by younger generations (72% of millennials and 69% of Gen X’ers, vs. 60% baby boomers), according to a new Ipsos poll. For some, these short breaks are the longest vacations they take: about three in ten Americans (29%) indicated their longest trip last year was lasted less than five nights."

"Even the purpose of such mini-​vacations varies across generations. When those who took trips shorter than five nights last year were asked the purpose of these trips, nearly one in three (32%) said it was easier to take a shorter amount of time off work, particularly for millennials (37%) and Gen X’ers (40%). Another one in three (32%) indicated it was because they only needed a few days to attend a special event or visit friends. Millennials (34%) and baby boomers (38%) were more likely to take this kind of trip, compared with 23% of Gen X’ers. One in four (26%) Americans who took a short vacation did so to be able to take more frequent albeit shorter trips. This is line with the finding that a quarter (25%) of Americans and nearly a third (29%) of millennials, specifically, took at least three mini-​vacations last year."

"For nearly two in 10 (19%) who took a mini-​vacation, the financial burden of longer trips was a motivator to keep it short. This was least likely to be a concern for the baby boomers (11%), and most concerning for millennials (25%) and Gen X’ers (21%). Those with a household income of at least $50k (51%) are also much more likely than those earning less than $50k (29%) to have taken a longer trip lasting at least five nights, underscoring that finances are also driving vacation preferences."

"For others, it’s simply easier to bring a friend along on a shorter trip than a longer one. One in 10 (10%) of those who took shorter vacations last year say it was due to the ease of finding a travel companion for a shorter trip, which is most likely to be a reason for millennials (18%, vs. 7% of Gen X’ers and just 3% of baby boomers)."

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