Manage Smarter 129 — Frank Zinghini: Coronavirus Digital Tech Survival Kit

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Frank Zinghini is President & CEO of Applied Visions, Inc. His company helps businesses build and expand their digital relationship with their customers, across all of the available digital channels. 

AVI develops products and services using technologies from the cloud, to desktop and mobile, and even down to the device level with the internet of things, in order to maintain a seamless and continuous connection with your customer. Frank founded AVI with an intense focus on building applications that delight your customers and drives revenue generation for his client's business.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Frank discuss:

  • What a digital survival kit needs to contain
  • The new boundaries of relationship with your customers
  • New ways of looking at fulfillment of products and services
  • How to take customer experience to the next digital level of engagement

"Developing a digital relationship with your customers and business partners is not a small thing, and cannot be approached in a piecewise way."

Frank Zinghini

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