Manage Smarter 92 — Steve Napolitan: Hours vs. Productivity = Work/​Life Balance

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Steve Napolitan is a two time #1 best selling author, award winning marketer and productivity guru. He has made millions for his clients and worked with companies such as Apple, Intel, Charles Schwab and Nestle. 

Steve has some thoughts and tips on managing smarter and how that looks with growing global workforce and technology. He's also got a unique view of work life balance and hours vs. productivity for you to consider.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Steve discuss:

  • His story of how building his own business nearly destroyed his health and marriage
  • His formula for hours vs. productivity
  • How allowing team breaks can actually INCREASE productivity
  • Work/​Life balance tips for those managing global teams.

When we actually slow down, we find we have a lot more answers in our head.”

- Steve Napolitan

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