AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence Helps Sales Rep Give Some to Get Some

BY Adam Ambro
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Challenge: Present a content client with new offerings

Closing a deal isn’t the end of a sales relationship. A good relationship can last for years, with needs and opportunities evolving as the market does. And so, when Tiffany Marchand, of the Tri-​County Times, discovered co-​op advertising dollars for one of her current clients, she picked up her phone right away.

Once I saw that a product they have offers a nice co-​op program, I was able to track down who I need to speak with since it had to go through a certain marketing agency," said Marchand.

Solution: Show the client the benefits of co-​op advertising

Before making the call, Marchand researched AdMall’s Co-​op Intelligence report and then presented her findings.

The client was used to running [ads] with us but unfamiliar with co-​op,” said Marchand. “Once I spoke with her about what co-​op is and what it can do for her with the service she offered, she jumped on it and made some calls on what [they] had to do.”

The client, who owns a skin renewal clinic, was immediately sold and ended up buying five weeks of advertising plus a Facebook ad.

Result: Building trust and longevity in a business relationship

Keeping on top of new offerings is a great way to show one’s value year after year. When asked how the campaign was going six months later, Marchand replied, “She is still running with me.” 

As an added and unexpected bonus, Marchand has helped to champion AdMall within the rest of her company.

Our paper has merged with another paper that services three counties and has over 15 papers,” said Marchand. “The managers knew nothing of AdMall and since have signed up and are utilizing the program daily, especially the co-​op portion.”