AE Saves Liquor Store Account by Using AdMall en route to $75,000 Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Christy Cuthbert, a veteran account executive from the Las Vegas Review Journal, had a tough job in front of her when a current client didn’t want to renew their contract because there was a new boss who didn’t want to meet with her.

Our client is a family-​owned, liquor store chain that carries liquor, wine, and beer products,” said Cuthbert.

[Their new advertising director] was not interested in meeting with a ‘newspaper’ to discuss advertising. They did not believe our audience aligned well with theirs. We were up against a $15,000 loss for fourth quarter. I contacted my strategy team who pulled research for several audience types: Liquor drinkers, wine drinkers, and beer drinkers. The research from the AudienceSCAN report showed that their audience responded to newspaper ads [at a higher rate than all U.S. adults].”

We also noted the following products also ranked well: email, streaming audio and streaming TV, internet banner ads, and pre-​roll. We created a plan that included some print but primarily the digital products. We secured the meeting by letting the client know we had interesting research to share about their audience.

The client was impressed by the data and loved that the research did show that digital was a great way to advertise to their target audience. We closed a deal for $75,000 for Q4 alone. $57,000 of that total was allocated for digital efforts. This sale was 5x the spend from the previous year.” 

According to Cuthbert, the liquor store client saw the following improvements from her campaign: Their sales revenue increased, they attracted new clients, their market share increased, they’re generating more leads, and their website traffic increased.

Cuthbert also had a straightforward suggestion to any rep who is looking to engage with AdMall more than they have.

I recommend AdMall to anyone who is struggling to close deals,” said Cuthbert. “Allow the data to tell the story, and you'll look like an educator there to help them.”