Use This Common Sense Approach to Sales Growth

BY Adam Ambro
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The selling process is constantly evolving, and common sense tells us that the process does not end once the sale is made. Making a one-​time sale is an accomplishment, but real success can be found in sales growth and repeat business. So what drives these factors? Experience shows that real success in sales all about cultivating relationships and honoring the "Golden Rule."

Achieving Sales Growth

Shaun Buck, writing for entrepreneur​.com, adheres to a tailored approach to sales. This approach promises to hold the key to successfully maturing a business.

"If you want to drive sales growth and repeat business, it boils down to understanding and then implementing one strategy: content builds relationships, relationships build trust, and trust equals sales," writes Buck.

Content generation is the norm for younger generations, such as millennials and Generation Z. However, sales reps have been creating content since time immemorial just by making connections with others. Making connections is one of the most important parts of selling. It's just common sense.

In this context, content generation is not as one-​sided as making a post on the web and waiting for the comments to roll in. Content generation that leads to sales growth is as simple as a face-​to-​face discussion. Discussions might lead to new relationships and, more importantly, they build trust with the customer.

"Human nature is to give a little bit of trust and to see if someone is worth giving more trust to," continues Buck. "In other words, make them earn it. This is why delivering, at a minimum, what you said you would is so vitally important."

He ends his article with some common sense sales growth advice.

Common Sense Sales Growth Advice

"The more a person trusts you, the more they will buy from you," concludes Buck. "All you have to do is do what you say you're going to do when you say you're going to do it. Also, treat people the way you'd want to be treated."

It may seem like common sense, but it's surprising (or maybe it isn't) how often people don't follow through on their promises. Breaking a promise can instantly destroy what years of trust have built up and stunt sales growth. And with so much of communication being directed onto digital platforms — especially in the face-​paced world of sales — sometimes it's a nice change of pace to pick up the phone or stop by in person. Start building that trust and relationship today; it's as easy as a handshake.