Selling to Today's Buyers Requires "New Rules"

BY Jessica Helinski
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Looking for a fresh perspective on selling in today’s world? The Science of People shares six “new rules” of sales in a recent article. At the heart of the tips is building relationships and creating a connection. The article points out that long gone are the days of the “Always Be Closing” mantra, and instead, today’s salespeople should focus on other strategies to be successful. Below are a couple of examples:

Attunement. Attunement is the ability to really understand the buyer and all aspects of his or her business. Step outside of yourself and try to gain the perspective of the buyer; this will give you the knowledge and insight needed to truly provide what he or she needs and wants. Seek to connect with the prospect on both an intellectual and emotional level when selling.

Buoyancy. How quickly do you bounce back from negativity or hearing “no?” “Rejection is something that every one of us has experienced in a number of forms in our lives,” the article notes. “…The key is how to withstand it, and that’s where buoyancy comes into play.” You can improve your buoyancy by focusing on your thoughts before, during and after a sales attempt:

  • Before – Rather than beat the “I WILL succeed” mantra into your head, instead ask yourself, “Will I succeed?” and then come up with the resources and strategies that you need in order to do so. By asking rather than declaring, you are steering your thoughts in a more thoughtful, problem-​solving direction.
  • During – Balance positivity with negativity. While positive emotions are helpful, too much positivity about how you’re doing can give you a false sense of security and blind you to stumbles you may be making. Additionally, a bit of negativity can alert you to potential issues. The key is balance.
  • After – Now is the time to look for explanations as to why things went as they did. If things went poorly, try to focus on what you can do next time to improve. And, try to remain as optimistic as possible, which is vital for buoyancy. And remember, as the article points out, “most rejection is neither permanent nor personal.”

These are just two new areas of focus that you should consider when selling. Today’s sales world demands that salespeople connect with buyers rather than just sell to them. By integrating the article’s tips into your own strategy, you are better prepared to sell to today’s customer.