Home Remodeling Company Persuaded by AdMall Consumer Spending Report To Buy $13,000 Ad Campaign

Aundria Kendrick Home Remodeling

Challenge: Competition was making life tough for the home remodeling business

Aundria Kendrick, of Sinclair Broadcasting, has been selling media for over five years, and since she started, she’s been using AdMall. With those tools in hand, she was able to successfully approach a local home remodeling company looking to get a better grip on their advertising in the community.

I’ve been using AdMall since I started,” said Kendrick. “I honestly keep it up on a screen while I’m prospecting so I can use some of the facts listed for the industry [when I make] initial calls. My favorite part would be the Advertising Response reports and the peak sales seasons for each industry.”

The [home remodeling business] owner is new to the market. He doesn’t know a ton about [our region]. He really appreciated my help in teaching him about target areas in our DMA. He’s a very kind guy. Like many other business owners, he wanted to work with someone he trusted professionally to help him get the best ROI.” 

His biggest challenge was competition. He’s used a lot of lead generation platforms. It was important that he was sending quality, exclusive leads to his sales guy. He was sick of competing with other contractors for the same leads and wanted to reach out to him only.” 

Solution: Use the sales tools she knew would resonate with the home remodeling business

With contractors, and with [the home remodeling] client, lead generation is super important,” said Kendrick. “He needed a strategy that allowed him to be very targeted. I used AdMall to figure out the digital advertising mediums that would work best for him. According to the advertising response survey, TV, social media, SEM, and direct mailers were the most effective in leading a customer to take action.”

Secondly, I used the market intelligence/​consumer spending report to pinpoint the zip codes he needed to target to reach people [who] spend the most on home services. Being somewhat savvy to the industry, I knew that the best long-​term clients for a home remodeling professional are people that own more than one home. I used the vacation home option as well. I was able to highlight these zip codes on a map, and he was very impressed with this information.”

Result: A new client looking to broaden its reach

The company agreed to a four-​month TV advertising contract worth $13,200.

[The home remodeling owner] is starting only with TV because of budget and because of his need for branding as a new business,” said Kendrick. “Because of the advertising response report, he has admitted that he wants to add on a digital smart mail campaign as soon as his budget opens and the season peaks.” 

Kendrick has advice for other sales reps looking how to get up and running with AdMall.

I immediately saw value in it when I was first introduced to it,” said Kendrick.” Using the drop-​downs under get smart fast was really easy to use. The intelligence tab blew my mind when I first learned how to use it.  As a new rep, it’s impossible to know as much as a seasoned/​veteran rep. It can be tough to gain industry information from Google or bother your coworkers or managers for information like this.”

I just recommended this to a new rep at our station and told her to use this for prospecting and for building proposals. I look at AdMall while I’m prospecting to come up with value propositions on the fly, and I look at it before every sales call to figure out questions I can ask the client and to figure out ways to create urgency for them to close ASAP.” 

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro

Adam Ambro is the Director of Client Success for SalesFuel. He is responsible for the onboarding of all new AdMall clients, aids in client training and writes for Media Sales Today. He holds a bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University.