Manage Smarter 49 — Drew Rhodes: Startups, Smarts and Managing to Success

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A self-​proclaimed CEO and janitor, Drew Rhodes became the cofounder of Aletheia Digital with his two partners in April of 2017. Prior to joining Aletheia Digital, Drew worked at Sagamore Hill Broadcasting as its Regional Director where he successfully directed the station group including two start up television stations in Lake Charles, LA and Watertown, NY.

In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Drew discuss:

  • The differences between managing a startup vs an established, corporate entity
  • Ways to get higher engagement among managers and your team within the startup environment
  • Managing startups to coach up a flat hierarchy
  • Managing for a "lean and mean" work environment


"If you walk into a mature company, it already has its culture, its ways, it's everything else. You're going to be definitely conforming to it if you want to stay around. And the startup, you're helping to build the culture and you're not exactly conforming. Everybody's learning to conform to each other."

- Drew Rhodes

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