AdMall Advertising Response Helps Close $40,000 Construction Ad Campaign

BY Adam Ambro
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Haley Johnson was new to her role as a multimedia account executive at KKTV, being on the job for only five months, when she approached a local construction and restoration company that had never advertised before.

The [construction and restoration] company had not advertised before so they were not quite sure where to start,” said Johnson. “[They] have three locations in Colorado, with the Colorado Springs location, coincidentally, having the largest market and opportunities, but bringing in the least money. They wanted to promote this location and try to push the team to their highest level.”

Knowing AdMall would benefit Johnson’s sales pitch, she turned to one of AdMall’s most popular sales tools over the last three years, the AudienceSCAN’s advertising response section.

Knowing their background and goals of the campaign, I recommended they start with streaming OTT and a broadcast schedule,” said Johnson. “After reviewing AdMall’s AudienceSCAN, it complemented my idea to show that people were responding to streaming advertisements. Therefore, when this was presented along with my ideas, they signed the deal immediately.”

The construction and restoration company signed a 13-​month campaign worth a total of $41,000. Almost immediately, Johnson received positive feedback from the new client.

The campaign has only been running for about two and a half months, and they have seen a great change in their volume,” said Johnson. “They are very happy with their results and are transitioning the Colorado Springs office to be their headquarters now. Finally, their sales revenue increased, and they have attracted many new clients. They are continuing to increase their traffic on their website and be that ‘IT’ company for those who know about them.”